Yummy Cheese Factory Cheese and Some Parts Shopping

Monday August 30, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I had some shopping to do today as I needed a couple things for the van.


So on the way I stopped at the Cheese Factory and bought some cheese.cheese


No one was in the store when I entered that’s because the person is in the back making cheese. I stuck my head in the back door and yelled and a young lady said just a minute.rounds


Heather came out to sell me some cheese. Tomorrow I’m off my fast so I’ll be able to indulge.store


Auto parts a bust

From there I drove on over to Pep Boy’s auto parts but they were closed and shut down. I noticed quit a few businesses were shut down and lots of building for lease signs.

Home Depot was right next door that’s why I went to  this auto parts store so I headed over there.


I was able to get the parts to make two couplers to attach different size fuel hoses for my van. I also needed some spark plug wire clips that I’d have to find somewhere else.

Next was Costco where I finally found five gallon propane tanks in stock so I purchased a one.

From there I headed on home figuring I can stop at the auto parts store near Guerneville on the way for the spark plug clips.

They did have one package of them which would likely do as I already have some but I was hopping to get more, but I got fooled later when I opened the package.


Once home it was unload my stuff and then a break sitting in the yard.

Here’s the parts I need for the van. Two brass couplers for the fuel lines and the package of spark plug wire clips. To my surprise when I opened up the clips there were two in each stack, so I had 6, instead of 3.couplers


I think I needed a nap by that time so went in the house for one.


Just before dark I brought these eggs into the house and put them in the fridge. That’s about a week of eggs.eggs


I put the water on the apricot tree and the cherry tree just before dark which I set the timer for as otherwise I forget to shut it down and it would run all night sometimes.sprinkler


Nice day.

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One Response to Yummy Cheese Factory Cheese and Some Parts Shopping

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Bob ~
    Ah the cheese factory. How I miss the one I used to live by.
    My favorite was the Munster cheese curds. So fresh & delicious.
    Great shot of the cheese in the back. Have a nice day!

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