14 and a Half Inches Of Rain In 24 Hours, Nice

Sunday October 24, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Stormy day

I heard a knock at my door this morning, almost noon. Dominique said I should get up and get some pictures of the big redwood tree limbs that fell on my brother Tom’s gate. It was pouring cats and dogs out there but it was time to get it going anyway. No power of course.

It stormed and rained real hard last night, a real good storm which we needed real bad.

Rain gauge

So I got it going and went out and looked in the bucket which is my rain gauge as those little things you get at the store are worthless around here.

This bucket is 15 and a half inches tall. There was one inch of water in it from the storm start yesterday about dark. Now it has only three inches to go to the top. That means this storm has dropped 13 and a half inches on us so far. Great. :O)bucket


Tree damage

I went over to my brother’s to see what was going on. Dominique was pointing out some of the big redwood limbs that fell.dom


Big redwood tree limbs are pretty big and can do a lot of damage when they fall off the big tree way up there as they are pretty tall too.

Tom’s gate

A direct hit on Tom’s gate.limb


I walked out on the county road to see what Tom was up too. That’s a big tree alright, one of the originals that didn’t get cut down in the early days.bigtree


Tom was working on getting some more limbs out of the way. He’s already moved branches off the road so cars could get by.tom


He had his chainsaw and was cutting up and removing the big limbs.rain


Tom working away.tree


Broken fence

The tree did a job on his wooden fence.fence


And his gate has a steel frame but it knocked his boards off and broke them up.gate


Water in the creek

I walked over to the creek that flows down between our two houses to see if there was any water in it yet as yesterday it was dry.

There’s lots of muddy water in there now and it’s flowing good looking up the creek from the old bridge.bridge


And this is looking down the creek,  my house is on the right. No problem with flooding here, as the water goes down the creek fast. Those guys down stream better watch out.creek


When I checked back to see how Tom was doing he was moving big branches to get them off his fence.logs


I went back to my house and cooked up something to eat and had a nap.

Another inch of rain

When I looked out in the bucket about 3, it had gained another inch for a total of 14 and a half inches and it’s still raining but slowed down some.gauge


Generator prep

A bit later Tom came by and wanted to prep the generator we share to get it ready to go as we didn’t have any power nor did I have a phone and no internet either.

We gassed it up and put some oil in it. He came back in about an hour and we tried to get it started. He pulled a few times and gave up, bad back, and then I took  my coat off and gave it  my all and after a few pulls it started up. This generator is hard to pull. One can just barely pull the rope to start it. We are going to have to get an electric start one pretty soon.gen



I’d not let the chickens out today as it was just raining too  hard. So I let them out when the rain slowed up a bit. They took off for the yard seeming to love the rain.chickens


It will likely be a couple days before they get my internet fixed up as the wire is down. I should  be able to post at my neighbors who still has some internet.

I think we are expecting more rain, such a nice way to end a drought.

State park opening up

I hear the state park is going to open up this next Friday. It’s been closed for rehab work since the forest fire about a year ago. Lots of people should be happy about that..

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  1. Douglas D Hinman says:

    Wow that is a lot of rain at one time. Happy to see that it is finally getting things moist down there in California. We live in central oregon at a place called crooked river ranch, north of Redmond, so far we have only received about 3/4 of an inch over the last few days, we only average about 7 to 8 inches per year here as it is desert climate on this side of the Cascades. I enjoy reading your blog each day.

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