It Rained So I Cooked and Napped a Bit

Saturday October 23, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining when I got it going today and went out to let the chickens out and feed and water them, so it was back in the house for me.

Breaking the fast

Let it rain and it did all day. I did some cooking throughout the day as this is the 11th day of a 10 water only fast.

Everything is real yummy after a ten day fast.


I did tempera prawns and I cut some potato, carrot, cabbage and onion into small eighth inch frys and added a light egg and flour mixture to it and fried that in balls. It was all very good.

Instant Pot

Then I put some meat in my Instant Pot and filled it with water and an onion to make some meat and some meat broth.

From scratch

Most everything I do these days is from scratch to try to stay away from corn so it all takes a bit of time, but what else to do on a rainy day eh.

So ok, I did get some napping in too.

Enjoying the rain

About an hour before dark the rain had slowed down and so I went outside to sit under my carport and enjoy the rain until dark.

I shut the chickens up for the night and came in the house.

Hope that big storm hits

I hear we are in for some real rain for a change. Let er rip, I know how to enjoy a storm, we haven’t had a good storm for a couple years now.

Nice day.

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