14 More Chickens In the Freezer and Steve Learns How

Saturday November 27, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Chicken butcher day

Yep, last night I selected 14 chickens to butcher for today.

First thing once I got it going today I caged them up and moved them closer to my butcher area

Getting it done

I got started on them around noon and did 8 of them in two hours.

Teaching Steve

My brother’s helper Steve had two roosters he needed to butcher so I invited him over to learn how to do it. He brought over his two roosters.

I had him watch me butcher some of them then we started on my last eight chickens and worked his two in there with them.

He did pretty good and got his two birds done with a little help now and then.

Sharp knifes cut fast

My biggest concern is where to put ones hands when using a knife on them as a slip can cause a nasty cut real fast with the sharp knife I use. I corrected him and showed him a better way several times and he finally got it so there was none of our blood to deal with.

Finishing up

Steve got  done a little before I did so he took his birds and went on home while I finished up my last birds, just before dark.

Freezer filling up

My freezer is filling up with butcher chickens. I hope I can find room in there to finish up the rest of them.chickens


Clean up

I cleaned up the mess and buried the chicken stuff under the peach tree and covered it up and I was done for the day on that task.

Chair hopping

So I had a little time to do some chair hopping around the yard until it got dark.


I let what chickens are left out in the front yard to graze. grazing


Hard to count

I tried to count them but they move and it’s hard to get a good count. I still have a few more to butcher. How many I will determine when I can get a good count. It’s easiest to count them when they go through a gate if you just let one past at a time so I’ll have to do that.

I was happy to get these birds butchered and in the freezer. I still have a few more to do , which are mostly young roosters getting ready to crow soon.

Nice day.

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