Tipped Apple Tree and Trail Work In the Forest

Friday November 26, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Tipped tree

One of my apple trees has fallen over so I need to do something about it to see if I can save it.

It’s a pretty good apple tree, a Macintosh.treeover


I decided to trim as much of the tree off as possible to lighten it up so it’d be easier to upright. I had a little help.ladder


I got it all trimmed down to this for now. I’ll work on righting the tree soon but  not today.treetrimmed


Headed out to work on a forest trail

It seemed like a nice day to do a little work up in the forest so I got some tools and got out to my front gate when I saw this car parked in my drive and thought, oh no, some park visitors have parked in my drive.

Ken shows up

But it turned out to be Ken who had stopped by for a visit but I wanted to head up to the forest.ken


We had time for a short visit, so we sat in some chairs and shot the bull for a bit before I excused myself and headed up into the hills.

Washout repair

The first place I stopped was here on this trail. The recent rains had washed bit of it out so I put some rock in it and did a repair that should hold up now with the rocks.repair5


I continued up the trial to this spot where I cut some downed logs the other day. I was going to do some trial work in this area.forest6


Tom shows up

While I was working on the trail my brother Tom came by in his side by side to inspect my work.tom7



I lined the logs up along where the trail will be before taking off back down the trail headed for home.logs8


I followed the trail down the hill as it wound through these redwood trees.trail9


It was starting to get dark as I went through here, almost down.trial10


And this is a nice section of the trail with the ferns and all, eh.trial11


I made it back home just before dark as the night chill was starting to fill the air.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Tipped Apple Tree and Trail Work In the Forest

  1. Ken+Solbakken says:

    You’re doing a nice job clearing the fallen trees and making a convenient new trail.
    Thanks for taking the time to chat yesterday. Going out to the redwoods always lifts my spirit.
    I ended up back at Guernewood Park and drove by our old place. Didn’t see any beavers on the river.

  2. don striepeke says:

    male mergansers are always here they change colors in fall

    • Bob says:

      Hi Don,
      Those would likely be the new born birds from this year getting ready for mating season so yes you are right, but I still think the mature male birds show up around here about the same time but I’m not real sure.
      My new chickens from this year’s hatch do the same thing. The roosters get their mature feathers around now ready for the hens to start laying eggs again around the first of the year. Of course I’m only guessing. :O)

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