A Cool Day and I Missed the Daylight Savings Thing

Sunday November 5, 2017 Guerneville CA.

It’s cool out today

I went outside this morning and it was rather cool. After about five minutes, I was cold to the bone, so I headed back into the house where the nice warm heater was going with the neighbors cat following me. It was about fifty degrees out which shouldn’t of felt that cold but with my body rash I tend to feel a bit on the cold side these days.


I had planned to go up the hill and run the bulldozer today to charge up the battery. With it cold like this I decided it would be a good day to do nothing and give my hands some more time to heal up so  back in the house was ok with me.

The cat had something to eat and I opened the door for her to go back outside, but no, she wanted to stay in and nap with me.

Off for a little walk to Armstrong Valley Farm

Later in the day after the sun had some more time to do it’s thing I ventured outside again. It was still cool. I walked over to one of my brother’s vegetable gardens to have a look around. It’s pretty much winter conditions in the garden right now.gardem


Lucky to find an apple

I looked for an apple on the apple trees in the garden and was lucky enough to find one on the little tree in the  back on the right in the above picture.

Here’s the nice winter type apple I found on the tree and preceded to eat and it was a good one, nice and crisp and tasty.apple


Not much for the chickens

I went over to check out the chickens and threw them my apple core.chickens


Winter plantings

My brother has a bunch of onions planted.onions


These are beetsbeets


And the broccoli is coming along nicely.brock


And here’s some kale. I put some of that in my vegetable soup the other day.kale


Headed back home

This is the county road that goes by my place. My house is behind that pole there. I live n a redwood forest.road


A day late on the Savings Time return

I went back in the house for a rest and later went over to my brother’s house for a bit where I found out I missed the return to regular time from daylight savings time.

Oh well, I can do that tonight.

I put a chuck roast in the pressure cooker  with a big onion and cooked that up for some eats. I cook it up with lots of water so I get lots of beef broth that I add to whatever it is I’m eating.

That was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like a great day! Picking a few veggies, making a pot roast and relaxing. I hope your hands are improving.

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