A Day At the Lake Because Of Road Closed Signs

Wednesday June 21, 2023 Antelope Lake, Plumas National Forest CA.


I was sitting in my van yesterday evening when I saw this deer come up to Marty’s van. It seemed to be interested in it and grazed all around it for over an hour while Marty cut Z’s.deer1


Today was to be an explore day,……….But

Just a couple miles from camp, we ran into these signs on the road that we needed to take to do the exploring and there was no easy way around.closed2



We pulled over here while I checked the map. In the end I canceled today’s exploration.vans3


Antelope Lake instead

We’d found a nice spot on the lake yesterday, so I suggested we go there where I could have a better look at he map and we could take it easy.

We pulled into this spot by the lake. It’s a fishing access spot so we had the place to ourselves.vans4


After checking the map, we decided to spend a couple hours here, then head back to our base camp about ten miles away. Then we’d get a fresh start tomorrow.

The lake looked real nice.lake5


Lots of nice reflections.lake6


Headed to camp

It was so nice out, we stayed a couple extra hours and then headed on home to our base camp down this paved road.road7


Looking for beaver

Once we got parked, I walked up the path by the creek a couple hundred yards to this area where I’ve seen the beaver several times before.creek8



I snuck up real quietly by this tree with camera ready. The beaver usually comes to the surface when I come up this way, but is quick to make a splash warning and disappear before I even see it.creek9


I saw it first while it was swimming under water, but then it surfaced and headed down stream, not seeing me.beaver10


I stayed and watched to see if there was another one. Eventually this one came up from down stream with a willow branch to eat. That seems to be what these beaver do, go down stream to cut some willow branches and them swim back up stream to there dens and eat them. I’ve seen them go up and down several times.beaver



Marty and I sat by the big meadow for a bit, watching the sunset.sunset


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Lovely. Glad you’ve got internet again.

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