Safe But Tiring Trip to Quartzsite Arizona

Monday February 26, 2018 Quartzsite Arizona

Lots of miles and lots of hours

Yesterday I took off headed for Quartzsite around 9:30 in the morning. I had some plans to find a camp near Bakersfield. I used Google Earth to locate a place just outside of the city by the Bakersfield National Cemetery. I saw a nice looking spot just across from  the commentaries’ entrance.

Hard to find things in the dark

I arrived just after dark to find a fence and locked gates in that area. I might have found something else close by, but with it being dark it was hard to find anything. I headed on down the road keeping an eye out for a spot camp for the night.

This spot looks ok

I was going up into the mountains east of Bakersfield and was near the top when I spotted a small off ramp that said Sand Canyon so I pulled off there. There were a couple big trucks pulled just off the paved road and by them was a dirt road going out into a field abut a 100 yards so I pulled out there and parked by a gate on the far side.

Wait and see

When I got out to have a look, I could see freshly used railroad tracks about fifty feet in back of the van, not good. I was far enough away not to hear much road noise, but pretty close to the tracks. I decided to just wait for the first train to come by and see what I thought of it.

The ground shook like a big beast went by

It wasn’t long before a train came by and gave the van a good shaking. I guess I was too close. So I moved the van another fifty feet or so closer to the road noise. I couldn’t move far or I would hear a lot of road noise. The next train wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t real good either, but I had a spot and it would do for the night.

I actually sleep pretty good as most of the trains stopped just after 9PM. But a fast moving loud one came through sometime early in the wee hours of the morning and then the trains started to come more often.

Next day

Today I was back on the road around 9AM in the morning headed East. I stopped for gas a couple of times and stopped for a couple short breaks too.

Went to my old camp spot

I stopped at Parker to do some shopping and then continued on south to Quartzsite. I was headed for Marty’s place but since I’ve never been there before I decided to go to my old camp spot on the Northeast of Quartzsite and I’d find his place tomorrow.

I’m beat and I figure I’ll be in bed early tonight as soon as I finish typing this blog.

That’s it for me today.

Tuesday morning

After an early night to bed and a  late getting up, I drove on over to the Quartzsite Library to use their internet. I’m still feeling beat today. After posting this blog I’ll go look for Marty and Patti’s place not far from here and take it easy for the rest of the day.

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