A Fall Day in the Russian River Area

Roadwork in the morning.


Today, I was determined to get my quad runner going and go up the hill and check out roads to see how they are doing and if they need any work before winter. First, I had to get my quad runner going as it’s been sitting, not used much for about a year. Because I had a battery buddy on it all this time the battery was good and it started with just a little coaching. Aired the tired and put a small chain saw on it and took off.

I worked my way up the hill, cutting old fallen trees off the road as I went. This one was near the top. I was just able to cut that big one when my chain on the saw came off on when I was cutting some brush, so that was it with most of the work part of the trip. That’s one of my Quad Runners in the pic on the road.



This was one of the views I saw when I got to the top of the hill. It’s shot of Guerneville, CA., looking down on it from a hill top. The grapes are Korbels.



Just a little closer shot of Guerneville. Town is right center.



On the way back home, I stopped at my brothers chicken coup. I was after an apple off an old tree, likely planted by Burbank, a really good fall apple. Yummmmmmmmm.



Kayaking in the afternoon.

Of course, all that work, deserved a nap, which I took. Around three, I took my kayak down to Monte Rio where I put in down river and back. I went down as far as Sheridan Ranch. Very nice fall day on the river.



A good shot of a wood duck. A colorful duck.



A mallard duck. These guys seem to be the tamest of the ducks.



A Stellar Jay, sitting by the river.



And this great blue heron, getting ready to roost, just before dark. And, just as I was taking this shot, I heard a splash, just to my right, near the shore. Three otters hunting along the bank. I backed off and tried to track them, but they were shy and ditched me so I didn’t’ get any pictures of them.


I stayed until almost dark. Was another nice day on the river.

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