Kingfishers, the Hardest Critters to Take Photos of

This was a real lazy fall day.

I had intensions of going kayaking at Jenner today, but……………… I got a slow start. I puttered around in the yard today, thinking I would yak later in the day.Worked on cleaning out an old chain saw from my Dad that was vapor locking. I took it all apart and cleaned out all the dirt in it and now it runs like a champ. I didn’t get some other things done, but what the hey, I’m retired. As it was, I got so lazy I never did make it kayaking today, it was just too nice in my yard.

I got some anti GMO mail today, telling me that it was a bad idea for us to want GMO labeling on our food.

Its’ interesting to note how bad some people do not want us to know what we are eating. I don’t’ really have anything that I know of against GMO grown stuff, however, I am allergic to corn and all things derived from corn, which means I should not eat about ninety percent of all the foods in a grocery store. I’m not an anti corn type guy, I’m just allergic to the stuff. It’s over used in our food chain and worse than that, things that have corn derived products in them, do not say corn on the label like other things one can be allergic to, such as peanuts and wheat. It’s even worse than that. A lot of our drugs use corn products in them and most are not labeled as such. For instance the meds for people with severe allergic reactions is an epi pen, the self injector to stick yourself in the leg with just before you go into, can’t breath mode, and Benadryl is the other med to get relief from less severe reactions.  how bad is this corn thing? Benadryl is made with corn binders, so corn sufferers have to have this medicine specially compounded to use it.

I was talking with someone about GMOs kayaking the other day when a lady heard us had some things to say.  She made a couple good points. 1. Shouldn’t we be able to know what we are eating?

2. If GMO’s are so good, why don’t they put the fact on the label as a selling point as they do other so called benefits of healthy foods?

Whether to put GMO labeling on labels is on the ballet in California this election. I’m for it as it might finally get the stuff derived from corn on labels so people with allergies have a chance. It’s really amazing to me that we don’t have to label food items that have corn derived products in them.

Just to demo how difficult this corn thing is to get a hold of. I’ve had a full body itch for about four years now. When I first discovered this itch, it took three years for me to isolate it and figure out it might be corn. I’ve been trying for about a year now to get it all out of my system. I had it mostly out for about two days a week ago, but got more back as it’s really hard to know what foods it in?

I’m voting to get what’s in a food product on the label.

Everyone I’ve talked to says the same thing about kingfishers.

They all say, just as you get close enough to these birds to get a good photo, they fly away. Or if you are close enough and you go for you camera, they fly away, just as you get ready to shoot. I agree with them fully. This has been the most frustrating bird to get a good photo of. I only have a few of them.

There are quite a few kingfishers on the Russian River. I believe they mostly nest in the ground in holes along the river banks, but that’s only from my experience on this river and have no idea what they do other places. I knew of one such nesting hole near a place called Villa Grande, just down river from Monte Rio.


This was one of my first better pictures of the kingfisher. They dive in the water to catch small fish.



After a couple more years, I got these ones of another one, just below Monte Rio.


The below shot is zoomed and cropped pic of the above photo. Isn’t this a colorful bird?



And a couple years later I got these ones down at Jenner, down near the mouth, right below the highway one mouth viewing point.



Same bird, just a little closer.



This was the last good photo I got of one of these birds a couple years ago, just above Jenner.



And this one is the same bird, with the camera zoomed in a little.


I’ll keep trying to get better pics of these guys. It’s almost like they just like to tease you.

Had a great day.

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