A Few Cherries, A Few Blue Berries and Some Work

Saturday, May 18, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Looks like it’s going to be another puttering in the yard day

Yes, that’s what it was. But first I headed to down town Guerneville to the library to post a couple blogs I haven’t been able to post, due to my phone outage.

The excursion to the library wasn’t too bad. I walked in and asked the lady at the desk if I could use the wireless internet connection. She said sure, sit anywhere, just not in the kids area. OK.  I asked about a password and she said there wasn’t one. Great.

So I went through the process of signing on with my mini computer and got on with no problem,…………….but.

I couldn’t send email or publish my blog. What the?

I’ll try going on the internet and open my browser and a library, I accept window pops up. Great. I accept and now I can do email and post to my blog, so I do.

My phone is still out at this time and likely won’t be back on until Tuesday. Can you believe that? They used to have this kind of stuff fixed in a day or two, now it seems to be ok to take a week? Progress, eh? :O) My phone is my dsl connection which I miss more than my phone.

Puttered around the yard and worked on van projects.

I drove back home and puttered around the yard and worked on van projects.

The box I made yesterday got mounted in the van. I decided not to paint it yet until I’m certain it’s what I want. So, I will use it first. Best way to test stuff,………….. use it.

Only a few cherries in the trees

While walking around the yard, I make it a point to walk past the cherry trees to see if any are starting to get ripe. There are only a few dozen or so cherries out there, so if I want them, I have to eat them just as they start to get red. If I wait, the birds and animals will likely get them. I ate about six semi ripe cherries and they were good.

And only a few blue berries so far.

I also noticed that a few of my blueberries are starting to turn blue, which means they are ripe and I ate a few of them. So far the jays and robins haven’t spotted them.

A couple other things I did was mount a rear light inside the rear doors so  I can find stuff back there in the dark.

And I mounted a pizzo electric lighter to my new propane grill I’m getting ready for the van. I hate trying to light these kinds of things with a flame as you have to get the flame down and up there, what a pain. I think I’ll like this new addition.

I finished the day by getting under my car and tightening up a couple loose bolts. That wasn’t too bad.

I took it easy today, but still got quite a bit accomplished.

Nice Day

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