Hiking and Kayaking in Sunny Jenner

Sunday, May 19, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Poison Oak Alley, not a recommended hike

I was determined to get down to Jenner today to kayak, wind or not, I was going. I was outta here by ten thirty and on the water by eleven AM. It was a sunny day with a bit of a breeze.  Since it was Sunday, there were quite a few other kayakers on the water.

I decided to head down to the river mouth first, so I paddled across the river and down the north side of Penny Island. As I approached the mouth area, the breeze changed to a medium wind. There were almost two hundred seals beached on the sand at the mouth, doing what they do best besides fishing. Sleeping in the warm sun.

The picture below is of some of these seals at the mouth of the river. The jetty is in the background and the ocean is behind that.



Another picture of some seals and cormorants, at the river’s mouth.



I stayed down at the mouth area for an hour or so, then let the wind blow me back up the river. I took the back channel of Penny Island and took my time as usual. Once I cleared the Island channel, the wind turned back to a breeze which was real nice with the sun out too.

It was so nice out, I decided to go for a walk up the hill at Eagle’s Landing, also known as Poison Oak Alley.

I put ashore and took a break before starting up the hill. My kayak is in the dark on the right side of this photo. This is where I went for a hike up the hill.



There were quite a few wild flowers out on the way up the hill. The below photo shows a view back down to the river as I as hiking up the hill though the nice flowers and poison oak. :O) Lucky I don’t catch that stuff, much. :O)



Of course I have a spot up there where I like to sit and look and that is where I was headed.

I took the below photo’s from this spot.

The photo below is looking over Penny Island toward Jenner.



This one is of the Jenner Visitor’s center where I launch from, with Penny Island in the foreground.



And this one is the up river view, looking at the highway 1 bridge.



I spent about an hour up on the hill enjoying the day, before heading back down to the river.

A leisurely paddle back to the visitor’s center and home for a nap.

Had another nice day.

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