A Jenner Paddle and Getting the Van Ready to Roll to Boonville

Wednesday June 28, 2017 Jenner CA.

Headed to Jenner for a yak

I went on down to Jenner today to kayak.  The fog was light and coming and going and the wind was down to a breeze so it was nice.

I put the boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island and headed on up the river going by this spot.river


I passed a couple merganser ducks resting on this rock.gansers


And this family of mallard ducks getting out of my way as I paddled by.ducks


I made it up to muskrat where I was sitting when these biologists from the Bodega Marine Labs came by.  I think they were changing batteries and collecting data from their measuring stations. They headed up the river waving as they went by.bios


Eventually I crossed over the river to Paddy’s rock and worked my way down along the side looking for birds and critters.padddysrock


I went by these merganser ducks.mergansers


And by all these ducks resting on the gravel.duckies


As far as critters, these cows are all I saw other than birds. Nice to soak your feet while getting a drink of water.cows


These geese were making a lot of noise as I approached and got out of my way.geese


I paddled along this shoreline heading in for the day.jenner


I made it to the boat ramp and put my boat on the car.

Thinking of heading to Boonville

On the way home I was thinking I should get the van ready to roll and go up to Marty’s cabin in Boonville for a few days.

So when I got home I started getting it together and plan to leave for Boonville tonight.

Of course there isn’t any internet where I’ll be going so I will post when I get back, likely late Saturday.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Well, another nice peaceful yak yesterday. you are probably gone by now but I hope you have an enjoyable few days in Boonville.

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