Office Chair Cracks, Van Door Holes and Emergency Brake Adjust

Tuesday June 27, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Doing some chores today

Once I got it going this morning I was sitting in the yard and decided it would be a good day to stay home and do some chores.

I changed the charger to the other battery and let it charge on up.charging


Repairing the cracks in the seat

The office chair I use in the van is coming apart so I thought I’d try and repair it a bit. The chairs cover is cracking up a bit so I need to remove the cover so I can tape up the inside using Gorilla tape.chair


To do that I had to remove the wheels and all the staples holding the cover on at the bottom of the


Lots of tape

I then turned the cover inside out and taped up the cracked places.tape


I put it all back together and taped up the cracks on the outside of the chair. Looks like I should of added another piece of tape to the right side of the chair to balance it out. I’m hoping this will hold up for a bit. I use the chair all the time in the van when I travel.tapechair


Rust holes in the door

After a break and a nap I worked on sealing up some rust holes on the bottom of the van’s back door.

I dug the holes out a bit with my knife.doorhoes


Then I used putty type epoxy to seal up the holes which looks like this which is good enough for this old van.epoxdoor


One more job

I did one more thing before calling it a day. The van’s emergency brake cable needed to be adjusted. Now that I have a V8 in the van I can drive with the emergency brake on and don’t know it, so it needed to be adjusted and I need to stop driving with the brake on.

It was almost dark by the time I finished adjusting the brakes so I called it a day and that was my day.

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