A Little Garbage, Some Forest Work and a Nice Drink of Spring Water

Monday April 24, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Garbage day

I don’t take the garbage collection because I don’t make much garbage. Because of my corn eating problem there aren’t a lot of things I can eat, so I don’t get a lot of packaging garbage. But eventually I do collect a lot of cans, mostly pineapple, cut beans and olives.

The cans have been piling up and are getting ahead of me so today I asked my neighbor if she had any extra room in her garbage cans as they pick them up tomorrow. She said she had some so I toted my little cans over to her big cans to get rid of what I had.garbage


I put all my cans in the recycled blue one and that was that.cans


After that, I did some chair hopping around the yard and finally decided to head on up to the forest to work on the trail. I’m trying to get this one done, but have a couple more days on it.

I’ve been thinking a kayak trip to the river would be good, but the wind has been up down there, so I haven’t gone lately.

Trail work

So, it was back up in the forest hoping I could get the work wrapped up today, but I didn’t make it and it will take at least another day.

I walked on up this trail as my work area is just above this spot.trail3


I settled into this break area for a bit before I got started, mostly to rest up after the walk to get up here.seat4


This is the part I worked on today, widening it out a few inches and mostly smoothing it out after a good winter’s storms.trail5


Good and tired out

I spent more time on that than I’d expected and tired myself out real good.

Nice drink of water

On the way home I stopped at our water tanks that were full of spring water and overflowing. There’s a place to get a nice drink of water off in the bushes on the right, so I got off the bike and went to get a drink of water.tanks6


The water was flowing nicely.water


And the drink was even better as there was a nice metal cup there for the purpose.cup


I headed on home from there and it was nap time.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m curious, are the trails used by the public or are they just for you and your brother. Sure looks like fun to ride them on a dirt bike!

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