A Little Shopping Today and That’s It

Monday, Apr. 15, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

A shopping day was in order as it was still real windy

The winds around here are blowing even harder today, than yesterday. Seemed like a good day to go to Santa Rosa and do a little shopping as that needed to get out of the way at any rate.

I needed a new belt for my lawn mower, so I stopped at the local Napa parts place and picked up one a little smaller than I wanted, but that is what they had and I thought it might fit.

I’m looking for a small propane grill for my van and I wanted to get a replacement propane stove with oven for my van also.

I went to Target to look for a little Coleman propane grill that a friend recommended,  but they didn’t have it in stock.

After that, I went over to Costco and got the little propane two burner stove with an oven. They had that and I bought some other goodies too in the eating department.

The two burner propane stove with oven that I bought today for the van is pictured below.




A little more shopping for some food on the way home and that was it.

When I got home, I tried to put the new belt on the mower, but it was too short, so I called and asked them to order the right size, I hope, and I’ll try again tomorrow. At least without the belt, the mower couldn’t temp me to run it.

I took it easy for the rest of the day. I did spend some time in my van working on figuring out where to build another little shelf to store a new propane grill, when I get one. I got some ideas, and will continue to think about that a bit before I build one. I need a shelf to hold the grill and some shoes and things that always seemed to be kicking around in the van on the last trip and in the way. Everything in the van needs a place or the little room I have for living in it gets cluttered quickly.

The new oven already has a place in the van, replacing my other stove which is just the top of one of these ones which I had bought last year and cut the oven off as I didn’t think I would need it and it just fit in the van better without the oven part.

However, I think I’d like to cook some bread once in awhile, so I decided the oven might come in handy for that purpose.

Tomorrow, I think it’s still going to be windy, but…………….I’m going kayaking anyway, I hope. :O)

Had a good day.

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