I Puttered Around the Yard Today Again

Sunday, Apr. 14, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

It was windier today, than yesterday……………..So

I stayed home again today. The weatherman said it was going to be windy and it was real windy, even in my yard. I decided to stay home and take it easy I tried not to work too much, but just tried to sit around and enjoy my yard.

But, that’s hard to do, without doing some work too. Just can’t seem to sit there and do nothing for too long, but I’m working on it. :O)

Mowed some more grass until the mower belt kept coming off because it is a little bit too long. I need to get one the right size, so this doesn’t happen. At least that stopped me from doing any more of that.

And I had to gas the darn chain saw up and that lead to some more trimming of branches off some more fruit trees and that lead to some more picking up brush and packing it to the brush pile. I still need to back the cut wood to the wood shed, but that will keep for a bit.

I did do quite a bit of just taking it easy today. I’m working on it. One of the hardest things to do when one gets retired is feeling ok about not doing anything during the day. That’s going to take some more practice. :O)

Looks like another windy day tomorrow, so I’ll either go shopping or just deal with the wind and go kayaking. We’ll see tomorrow.

Had a nice day, mostly just sitting in my yard.

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