A Lunch and Fixit Day

Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012, Jenner and Monte Rio, CA.

Lunch at Jenner’s River’s End today

I have a nice Aunt that gave my brothers and I some cash to have an eat out, so three brother, one wife and I had lunch at the River’s End in Jenner. I’ve never been in the place, but it’s always just up there on the road when I kayak down there. We had a good time and I got stuffed. I think I can deep fry fish better than they can though. ;O) The chocolate moose for desert was real good. Like I said, I got stuffed.

Helping a friend

A friend’s Mon needed some electrical work done in her living room. Nothing too serious, just a couple old plug sockets needed replaced, so after we ate, on the return trip home, I stopped at Monte Rio to help out.

But first, there was this Win8 thing. Yes, the guy had gotten a new laptop and wanted to get rid of some passwords and get their new screen back to classic view. We weren’t too successful getting rid of the pass words, which I don’t understand, because it wasn’t any trouble getting rid of them on another Win8 computer I worked on last week. I don’t know what is different?

Win8 desktop, back to classic view

And I wasn’t any good at finding how to put the new desktop to classic view either, but I found out how to do this when I got home. This is how it is done.


on this one, it didn’t work ether, so I had to remove it. There is no easy way to do this, with just a button or something like that. There are some third party software programs available to do this, but I didn’t like that solution either. The Microsoft head guy said when asked about this, why do you need a start button, when it’s all right there in the new metro screen?

Maybe, we just need to learn how to use this? :O)

Time to get those plugs in the wall

After working with the computer for an hour or so, we went down to his mother’s house and I installed the plugs, which was a lot easier than working on the computer, or at least more successful.

Stoking up the wood stove

I left about dark for home. Stoked up the fire and hit the couch, after I stoked the fire up, as it was fairly cold around here. Just waiting for it to rain so it will warm up. And now, at eleven PM, it is raining good and it has warmed up a bit.

It looks like it’s going to mostly rain for the next week or so, which is only bad, because I want to finish working on my van injection project. Oh well, you just have to do what you can, when you can.

I’m still stuffed. Had a nice day.

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