Rain, Rain, It’s Here, Live With It

Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Raining cats and dogs when I got up this morning

I needed to get up around nine thirty this morning, but it was raining outside and I didn’t want to. I made it until ten then I had to get up, because I had to be in Sebastopol at eleven to help Judy set up her wireless printer. On the way there, it was down pouring in the Forestville area, so hard the wind shield wipers couldn’t hardly keep up. I don’t really like driving in this kind of stuff, mostly because of all the other idiots on the road. :O)

Trying to get the printer going

I arrived just after eleven and Judy was all set up to go, she thought. First thing I asked was where was the wireless printer DVD setup disk? That was a search to no avail until her husband
Skip returned home and knew exactly where it was. Great, one would think, NO.

I put the disk in and had to start it manually, that should have been a hint. I got it started and a screen popped up saying I had to go online and get new software, as what was on the DVD was only good up to Win7, shoot. OK, no problem, I can do that.

I went to the HP site and of course it wanted to know some stuff that I didn’t know, so I ran some wizards on their web page, but it was a slow go for some reason, but it gathered enough information for me to go back to manual mode and I started the download. It seemed to be downloading rather slow, especially since I know they have a real fast internet connection, so things should of zoomed, but no, the download stopped after getting about fifteen megs out of the sixty I needed. I started it again and waited and waited. It got to thirty one megs and then stopped again. Shoot.

I decided there must be something wrong with their internet connection, so I got Skip and had him call the internet provider, but, they were swamped with calls, so that didn’t work either. I tried to download one more time, but had to give up.

I informed them that this wasn’t going to happen today, I’ll have to come back. Sometimes, things just don’t go well, no matter what. Something about knowing when to fold? :O)

What happened to my new radiator hose?

As long as I was in Sebastopol, I thought it would be a good idea to go pickup my radiator hose I ordered a couple weeks ago, as it should be in by now. Of course it rained real good while driving over there, so I had to be careful, those other crazy driver’s you know.

When I got out of my car, at Pepboy’s auto parts, I realized I’d forgotten my receipt, but what the hey, I already paid for it, so no problem, right, wrong. They couldn’t find that part anywhere and they needed the receipt to find out where it was. After some time they found my receipt on their computer and were able to call back to shipping on the east coast and found my part had never been ordered. Do these things happen to anyone else?

Now that they had found my receipt, I could at least get my money back.

The Chinese market

On the way home, I stopped at a Chinese market, you can tell it’s authentic, because of the smell from their butcher department and I bought some rice noodles and a four pound block of shrimp and some other odds and ends. I was going to buy a big sack of Chinese wheat flour too, but just at this time, the rain decided to down pour again, so I thought better of it, no way to get a sack to the car without getting it a bit on the wet side.

Ordered the radiator hose from a local store.

I also stopped and ordered the radiator hose at a Napa parts place on the way home,…….. be in tomorrow.

Home, ate, and am resting up now.

When I got home I stoked up the wood fire and I cooked some of those rice noodles up, boy did they expand. I have enough cooked up for about a week now, good thing I only cooked half of them.  I guess I’ll have to get creative with those guys.

So, sometimes things don’t go as well as they could, but that’s life, plug on.

Had a nice day anyway. :O)

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