A Nice Day For a Dirt Bike Ride and a Hike In the Forest Looking For Old Animal Trails

Sunday April 24, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

Since Barry and I worked on clearing the roads up in the forest yesterday Barry said he was coming by for a dirt bike ride today. He arrived about 11 just as the day was warming up enough to make it real nice.

We took off for the hills.barry1


And had to cross the highway and go through this gate to get onto our property.gate2


Looking for shrooms

We rode up to  this spot first and stopped here to see if we could find any morel mushrooms in the grasses, but no luck.grass3


Rest area

After riding around for about an hour we stopped here on this ridge top which is the highest one in this area, for a break. It has a nice view.view4


We rode around some more covering most of our property and  my cousin’s place too.

Indian spring

When we went by Indian spring we stopped for a drink of water and to check the spring’s water flow, which was good.spring5


Steep stuff

Barry wanted to ride on some steeper stuff than I wanted to ride on so I left him and went on home while he enjoyed himself on the steep stuff. He has a much hotter dirt bike than I do so steep stuff is easier for him than it is for me and I’m old enough not to need to do the steep stuff like I did when I was younger. The stuff we already rode on was steep enough for me.

When Barry came back down to  my house we sat around and shot the bull for a bit and he left for home.

Looking for old trails

I needed a good nap which I did and eventually jumped back on the dirt bike and went back up into the forest to do a hike. I wanted to check out a ridge top for old trails.

Animal trails that is as they make pretty good ones in the steep hills that aren’t usually too steep. The animals I’m talking about would have made these trails a long time ago.

There aren’t as many animals around these days so the trails are there but one has to look hard to find them.

Anyway I rode on up to the ridge top and and parked the bike and started out on my hike going up along the ridge top looking for signs of the old trails.

I started off going up the hill as I couldn’t see any old trails yet, going through here.ridge6


When I got to a steep part I started looking around the sides of the ridge for the animal trails as animals like to make the trails in the easiest places to walk and still travel the ridge tops.

Found an old trail

I found one here although it’s hard to see as not much has used it in a long time.trail7


The trail went through here which I followed.trail8


I was following the trail here when I noticed it went right through the big old log there that looked like the log was about ready to roll down the hill so I had to be careful, just in casetrail9


The log was more stable than I thought so I worked my way over it and continued on the old trail.log10


I continued on through this area and was losing the trail which was ok as it wasn’t a steep area.trees11


Eventually I lost the trail and had to hunt for it some more going through here where I think I picked it up again. That big old tree fell down not too long ago.stump12


I lost the trail once or twice more and got to the end of the ridge top so started back picking up the trail through here.tail13


I was trying to follow the trail back to the dirt bike as this part I’d missed on the way out and had gone up the steep part. The trail goes to the right of that big tree and the dirt bike is getting closer.tree14


Following the last part of the old trail though here I came out right at the dirt bike which was good as the trail is much more level than where I started out from the dirt bike earlier.forest15


That old trail shows promise so I’ll have to hike it a couple more times to figure out exactly where it goes and then eventually I’ll likely start doing some work on it to improve it.

I headed on home and got there about 6:30 and was pretty beat so that was my day.

Nice day.

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