Unexpected Chat With Some Neighbors and Barry and I Clear Some Forest Roads.

Saturday April 23, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Clearing forest roads

My brother Barry pulled into the yard just about the time I got up. He was going up into the hills to clear some trees and brush off some of the roads and had all his tools to do it.

I wasn’t ready to go yet so he took off and I got it going for the day.

Looking for Barry

Once I was awake enough I jumped on the dirt bike and rode on up into the forest to see if I could locate him to help out.

I stopped in this spot to have a listen to see if I could hear his chainsaw, but I heard nothing. I took the road to the left as I knew he had some work to do down that one.bike1


Meeting up with neighbors

I found him taking a break and talking with some of our neighbors that were out for a walk. We hadn’t talked to them for a long time so we spent a good hour or so chatting with them.neighbors1



I noticed there was a good view of the town of Guerneville from that spot.guerneville2


Every one seemed pretty comfortable sitting on the road shooting the bull and catching up on stuff.meetup


Work to do

We had work to do so eventually we took off looking for trees and brush that had fallen across the roads up there.bikes3


We remembered there were two of them, but our memories aren’t too good anymore.

As we were headed to those two spots we ran into a lot more trees down that we had forgotten about

Here’s the first one.trees4


We rode down into here to clear one off, one of the ones we remembered.quad5


Yep we remembered this one and worked on getting it off the road.barry6


We continued on and got all the ones we had forgotten about, about ten of them.trees7


There were several downed trees in this bunch.brush8


Getting tired

And this bunch was quite a mess and we were getting tired out.trees9


Steep road

We finally got to the last one that we knew about. It was down this steep road so we started down it. I said to Barry I hope we can get through it as I don’t think I can get back up this road.road10


The tree was about half way down that road and it was steep in some spots.tree11


Barry cut that log into small enough pieces so we could throw it off the road.barry12


The rest of the road was open and I made it down the steep road ok.

Shooting the bull

From there we went back to my house and my other brother Tom came by so we shot the bull for another hour or so before Barry took off for home.

I was pretty beat from all the good exercise so that was pretty much it for me today.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Unexpected Chat With Some Neighbors and Barry and I Clear Some Forest Roads.

  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    Keeping you young, right?
    Good work today. That’s a lot of trees to clear!

  2. William Henderson says:

    Nice tools Bob. Good job.

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