A Nice Hike In the Freshly Rained On Forest

Tuesday November 1, 2022 Guerneville CA.


It was supposed to rain this morning and it did, a little, before I got up. By the time I got up, most of the clouds were gone and the sun was working on coming out.sky1


No Plans, but

I hauled some more woodchips to a spot in the yard and did some chair hopping and was wondering what I needed to do today to keep busy and get some exercise.

Forest hike

Well, a fresh rained on forest seemed like the way to go. I had some more exploring to do , so I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up to this trail and hiked out that way forgetting my camera on my dirt bike.forest2


I hiked around a part of the property that I don’t usually walk around much as it’s in steep country. Hiking in the hills gets plenty of exercise as if you go up, you get to go down and if you go down you get to go back up and I did lots of that today.

Went for a ride

When I got back to the bike I rode it down this trail and went for a ride around the property and then headed for home.trail3


After a good rest back home I went back out in the yard and did some more chair hopping.

Rodent bait report

I did check the rodent bait to see what was going on with the new store bought bait. I have bait in the dish and under the bucket on the left.bait6


The green stuff is the poison bait mixed in with the bait that didn’t work that had plaster of Paris in it. There’s a lot of green showing so they might be eating around it.bait4


I checked the bait blocks under the bucket and they were eating just a little, so far.bait5


Nice day.

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2 Responses to A Nice Hike In the Freshly Rained On Forest

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Still feeding those rats. Love your forest!
    Hope the rim and tires means you’re coming to AZ this winter.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Those bait blocks are what we use in Arizona. I’ve not seen a dead one yet, but I don’t seem to have the problem I used to. Nice rain we got!

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