Rained a Lot Today, But I Did Get Some Exercise Time In Up In the Forest

Sunday February 16, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining pretty good when I got it going today. It rained until about two so I was stuck in the house.

Plum trees

When it stopped raining, I went outside. The plum trees are blooming real good despite the rain, but I don’t think the bees like the rain much. It’s a good thing they have a fairly long blooming period or I won’t get any plums.yard


Forest exercise

I had a few hours before it would get dark so I hopped on the dirt bike making sure I had my hammer and rode on up into the hills to do a couple hours of trail work. I parked the bike at the trailhead as with the rain, the trail was too soft and wood get torn up by the dirt bike.trail


Work spot

I worked on this sharp turn as it was hard to ride around. I hauled up that green looking redwood log to shore up the dirt on the turn and moved some of the dirt to fill it in by the log. Things were still pretty muddy from the rain.log


Sitting around

When I was done I sat around enjoying the forest. The rains make it smell real good.


I headed back down the trail to where I parked the dirt bike and when I got to the bike, I realized I’d forgotten my gloves again for the second day in a row.downtrail


So as not to lose those gloves to some critter, I walked back up the trail to retrieve them and found them here, right where I left them.gloves


I headed back down the trail and rode on home for some evening chair hopping.

All the rain clouds had gone and let the sun out for a few hours today. This was my view from one of my chairs as the sun just went over the hills to the west.sky


Nice day.

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One Response to Rained a Lot Today, But I Did Get Some Exercise Time In Up In the Forest

  1. Judith says:

    More rain. I am envious. Are those domesticated plum trees, or wild? The former don’t do very well here, but the latter do….only problem with the latter is extreme tartness. But they do make good jelly. Excellent jelly. And I’m not a jelly fan. Your days are sounding nice. That’s good.

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