Was Gonna, But the Rain Changed My Plans

Saturday January 20, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Was Gonna

I was planning to go up into the forest and do a little work and get some exercise. I looked out the window and it wasn’t raining as it seemed to have stopped.


I went out to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. I gave them a little food as I thought they’d already been fed by my neighbor, but I wasn’t sure. They don’t really need to be fed as there is plenty of stuff in the yard for them to eat. They are just spoiled and expect to get fed every day.chickens

Rain showers

Just as I was finishing up with the chickens a rain shower hit so I went back in the house and checked the weather for the day. It looked like more rain than not. I decided I wasn’t going up into the forest today and stayed in the house which was good as it showered all day long on and off.

It seemed like a good day for a nap even if it was early in the day so I did that.

Working on my blog, I tried

With the rain, it seemed like a good time to do some work on my blog………….But.

When I tried to sign in, it didn’t go well. Things were real slow. When I went to the blog, it loaded real slow. I spent a good bit of time trying to figure out what was wrong and finally determined that something was slow on the server.

That all meant it wasn’t a good day to try and find some missing pictures that still aren’t showing up on my blog. I watched some stuff on YouTube instead until i got tired of that and had another nap.

I checked my blog again just after dark and now it’s all working as it should, so I might do some work on it tonight, maybe.

Nice rainy day.

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One Response to Was Gonna, But the Rain Changed My Plans

  1. Deb says:

    Rain started here on Ogilby Road around dark and is still going off and on. More steady stuff due on Monday.
    The header pic didn’t load first time, and doesn’t change. I know you mentioned those things before but this is the first time the pic hasn’t loaded for me. It has changed with each visit but stays the same until I leave. Just a little FYI.


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