A Paddle, a Walk at Eagle’s Landing and a Drive to Goat Rock

Monday January 5, 2015 Jenner CA.

Just as I put my boat in the water today, Ray pulled in, in his truck, so I waited for him to get his boat in the water.

It was a bit on the chilly side today with a light wind, maybe about forty degrees F. with some clouds in the sky blocking the much needed sun.

Deer on the island

We crossed over the river to the little channel at the up river end of Penny Island where these deer were feeding. deers


We tried to get some sun in this spot for awhile, but it wasn’t going to happen, so we headed on up the river on the south side.

There weren’t a lot of birds in the area today, likely because of the cooler weather. We did pass by this female merganser duck on the way up.merganser


A walk at Eagle’s Landing

We paddled up river a little ways to the eagle’s landing area where we decided to go for a walk up the hill, thinking the walk might warm us up a bit.

We pulled our boats out here at eagle’s landing and headed on up the hill.landing


We went up through the big fir trees.rivertrees

This area has a a lot of poison oak in it, like most of the places around here, but Ray and I don’t catch the stuff.

Resting turkey vulture

Ray spotted this turkey vulture sitting on a tree close by the trail. It’s sitting crouched down and we weren’t sure it was ok, as We’ve not seen one sitting like this before.vulture

We checked on the way back and it was gone.

One of the views as we climbed up the hill, looking up the river towards the highway one bridge.russianriver


Lookout point

We made it up to what I call lookout point and this was our view of the town of Jenner, looking across Penny Island.jenner


Willow tree patch

I wanted to check out a willow tree patch on the side of the hill to see if there was a water spring in it.

Here’s ray working his way into the willow tree patch. We didn’t find a spring, but it was an interesting area inside the trees.trees


We’ll have to come back some time and look around some more, as it’s an area that looked like animals bedded down under the trees in this spot.

The sun came out a little while we were up there, but the day never did warm up very well.

We headed back down the hill and back too our boats. Here’s Ray working his way over some rubble to get back to our boats.ray


From there we headed back to the boat ramp where this snowy egret was fishing.snowyegret


I headed for Goat Rock

We took our boats out and Ray took off for home,but I headed on over to Goat Rock as I hadn’t driven over that way for a long time and I wanted to check the area out.

This was my view, looking south on the Pacific ocean as I drove down the road to Goat Rock.pacific


And this was my view of Goat Rock, the big one on the left. On the other side of that rock is where the river’s mouth goes into the ocean and I wanted to see it from this angle.goatrock


This shows the jetty with the river’s mouth in back of that and not easy to see from this angle. The open mouth is to the far left, past the white birds on the shoreline.jetty


The sun was getting close to going down as I headed back up the road.ocean


Checked out the cleared Monte Rio boat ramp

Ray had said the ramp was cleared at Monte Rio, so I stopped there to check it out. I heard some guys had shoveled it out, which is good as there was more mud there than and older fella like me could deal with. Thanks guys.boatramp


I went on home from there and hit the couch for a much needed nap. That walk up the hill wore me out.

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