A Warm Wind Greets Us at Jenner This Morning

Wednesday January 7, 2015 Jenner CA.

I was down at Jenner at 10:30 this morning. Ray was there and had just put his boat in the water. When I got out of my car, I was hit by a warm wind which was surprising since it’s winter time and it’s mostly been on the chilly side the last few days.

A warm wind is always better than a cold one.

We paddled across the river to Penny Island and were trying to decide which way to go today. The wind was up a bit, maybe up to ten miles an hour and seemed to be picking up.

We sat here trying to make up our minds.jenner


After quite some time we decided to at least go down to the down river side of the island and decide from there where to go and that’s what we did.

It didn’t look too windy down near the river’s mouth, so we finally headed down that way, which looked like this as we went. We did have to cross over the river in some wind, but not too bad.mouth


The wind was less down there all right, but it was still a bit windy, which made it hard to sit in one place for very long as the boats would start drifting in the wind.

There were some golden eye ducks in the water just in front of us as we approached the open river’s mouth.rivermouth


And some seals on the sand and in the water. There were also some sea lions hunting around us in the water, but they were too fast to get any photos.seals


It was just high tide, and the ocean was a little rough as we watched waves break over the sandy beach which didn’t seem to bother these harbor seals much.harborseals


Because the wind was blowing our boats around, we didn’t stay very long and headed back up the river passing by these harbor seals in the water which appeared to be just taking it easy and checking us out.seal


We decided to cross back over the river to the south shore as the wind picked up to about twenty miles and hour. We had to watch for waves that might break over the sides of our boats. We both had a couple small ones get over the sides which only got us a little wet.

This is the spot we started across the river. It’s windier than it looks.sun


We crossed over and headed for the little slot by the islands lower end where the wind died down a bit, now that we had crossed during the time it was blowing the hardest.

Ray decided he wanted to go to shore on the island to eat his lunch out of the breeze and go for a little walk too.

Here is Ray looking for a good spot to put ashore on the island. I followed him over there shortly.ray


We pulled our boats out here on the island at high tide.island2


We walked around this end of the island for a bit after Ray ate his lunch which tired us out a a bit.walk


By the time we got back in our boats, the tide had gone out a bit. Ray put his boat in first and got stuck in the shallows here. The shallows went out about another fifty feet, so Ray was really stuck now. I watched from the shore.ray2


Ray couldn’t do much except get out and get his feet wet, while I moved my boat down shore to a better spot to get back in the water.ray3


The warm wind was starting to really die as we paddled up the back channel of Penny Island taking our time. I think it took us about forty five minutes to paddle up the back side as we went so slow enjoying the day, stopping along the way.channnel


As we cleared the upper end of the island this was our view of Jenner as we headed on in for the day. jenner2

We took our time going in as the day was so nice we didn’t really want to leave, but we were both tired out, so we finally made it in and went on home for the day.

That was  pretty much it for me for the day. I just vegetated the rest of the day holding down my couch.

Nice day.

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