A Paddle and Trying to Get to Penny Island to Eat Some Blackberries

Friday May 22, 2015 Jenner CA.


It was a bit overcast and some high fog as I drove into Jenner this morning. I put my boat in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island and headed on up the river. The tide was way out so a lot of green stuff was showing along the shoreline.

Here I’m passing by the upper end of Penny Island, passing this great blue heron. You can see there is a light fog in the air too.heron


These two terns were flying around fishing and landed for a brief time before taking off again.tern


Lots of green

I continued on up to this spot. I usually pull in between the redwood logs. For some reason it’s mostly out of the wind and a nice spot to watch from.logs


I paddled along up to Muskrat nest beach and then turned back down the river after sitting there for a bit.

I pulled in behind this big rock and sat and watched, before continuing on down the river.rock


Headed for Paddy’s rock

When I got near Paddy’s rock, I crossed over the river to it and found this cormorant and ducks resting behind it on the gravel.birds


As long as I was now on this side of the river I continued on down the shoreline to see what birds I could see. Not too many birds out today. I did go by these two geese that honked a lot as I passed them.geese


Can I get ashore on Penny Island

I haven’t been on Penny Island in a week or so, so I thought I should try to find a place to put ashore on the island. The only problem was the tide was way out, so the shoreline was mostly mud. I thought I might be able to go ashore here by walking over the thick grasses. I landed and got out of my boat, but my shoes were sinking in the mud about six inches so I got back in my boat and looked for another spot.weeds


Gotta watch the tide now

I was able to get the boat ashore in this spot, but I didn’t feel like dragging my boat way up on the shore and I did know the tide was due to start coming in in less than an hour. My boat was only about six inches above the water level now, so I’d have to hurry if I didn’t want the tide to get my boat. Note the water is just by that big log to the left.jenner


Looking for blackberries

I walked over to the island and went under these big eucalyptus trees by the old milk barn headed for the berry patch.milkbarn


I found some black berries, but it’s still early in the season, so I had to work at it a bit. It’s hard to get pictures of the blackberries as my left hand moves them to my mouth too fast. :O)blackberries


Checking on my boat

After about fifteen minutes I decided I better check on my boat to see how the water was doing. I crossed over this mattress vine to get to the water to have a look. Walking on the mattress vine is sorta like walking on a mattress. It’s soft and springy.mattressvine


I could see the water level had risen some, as it’s  now past the old log on the left. I still had a little time, but the river would start to rise faster now. You can see my boat out there on the gravel.boat


I went back and hunted some more berries. I could see there will be a lot more soon as more of them mature.

The water is rising

After about ten minutes I decided I better get back to my boat. Looks like I just made it.kayak


I put my boat in the water but it was too shallow to move it, so I waited in it for ten minutes for the high tide to rise. I needed a break anyway from my berry picking walk.

It wasn’t long before I could float off the gravel and I headed across the river towards the boat ramp.

What’s that guy doing in the bushes?

As I approached I could see this guy doing something in the bushes near the ramp and was wondering what the heck he was doing?

As I got closer, I could see it was John Lowery picking up trash in the bushes. He sure picks up a lot of stuff down here. Thanks John.john


As I was taking my boat out of the water and getting it on top of my car John came by and we shot the bull for a bit, then I went on home for the day.

I had intentions of doing some stuff in the yard, but the darn couch got me first. I finally did get out in the yard to do some puttering, but not much.

That was my day.

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