An Eagle, Some Flowers, and a Walk Paddling Around Jenner

Thursday May 21, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray was at the boat ramp when I pulled into Jenner this morning. There was a bus load of high school kids there too doing some kind of field trip. They mostly stayed out of our way as we put our boats in the  water and parked our cars.

We paddled across the river to Penny Island where we usually sit for a bit deciding which way to go for the day, up or down the river.

Bald headed eagle

Ray says is that an eagle up in that tree. I look and can barely see the bird, but it does look sorta like a bald eagle so I take some pictures of it and sure enough, it was an eagle. Sometimes the camera sees things better then our older eyes do. :O

I was wondering if any of the school kids noticed the eagle? I don’t think they saw it as it was across the river from them, but it would have made their day.

The bald headed eagle as it sat in a tree on Penny Island.eagle


We decided to head up the river, so off we paddled. Ray says there’s a bunch of flowers up on the hill across the river from us and  I looked up to see these flowers. I think they might be lupines. There were several patches of them up on the


Paddling up the river

It was low tide, so there was a lot of green weeds showing as we paddled along and stopped in this spot which I call the Redwood log graveyard. We stopped here for a good while enjoying the day and just watching. There didn’t seem to be too many birds out today for some reason.logs


We weren’t the only ones sitting around enjoying the day. Across the river from us we could see these bovine sitting around enjoying the day too.contentcows


Eventually we continued paddling on up the river. The wind was down which made it even nicer.greenshore


Fogs moving in

We paddled up to Muskrat and sat for awhile, then Ray wanted to go a little further up to dead deer gulch so we paddled up to that and at that point, we turned back down the river and paddled along here. There was some fog moving in as we went.paddling


Ray wanted to go to shore for a little walk, but with the low tide out, we had a hard time finding a place to land that wasn’t muddy. We were hoping Swamp Rock would have a gravelly place to land so we headed down that way along here.ray


This great blue heron was fishing along the shore which we watched for a bit. It then flew into the air squawking like a dinosaur as it left.heron


We put ashore here

We did find some gravel to land in at Swamp Rock Trailhead. We landed and are tying up the boats so they’d be here when we came back from our little walk.kayays


Hunted for blackberries

We looked for blackberries in this grass. We found and ate some, but they are still just starting to come on for the year, so we had to hunt for them hidden in the grass.berries


Up on Swamp Rock

We walked over to swamp rock which I got up to first and am watching Ray come up behind me.swamprock


We sat at Swamp rock for a bit, watching as the fog continued to come in.rock


The swamp

Here’s Ray walking through the swamp. Most of the water has dried up in it now, so the going was fairly easy.swamp


We looked for some more blackberries on the way back and found a few, but not many yet.

Here we are as we headed back towards the boat ramp for the day.jenner


With the wind down it was a nice day. We pulled our boats out of the water and went on home, where I needed a nap and that was my day.

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