Turned on the New Well and Ran the Dirt Out of It

Saturday May 23, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Puttering around in the yard

Being a holiday and all, I decided to stay home today and do some puttering around in the yard.

I had one final thing to do to hook up the new well, so I did it. Time to let the water run a bit to clear any well drilling dirt out of the system. Not to waste any water, I ran a pipe into my bamboo patch. I  had some three inch drain pipe, so I ran the water into that and into the bamboo patch and turned the well on for the first time. The water was a little murky at first. Here’s twenty gallons a minute. after the water has cleared up after about an hour of pumping.watertest


Here you can see the three inch pipe running into the bamboo patch pouring out nice clean water.wellwater


I filled a glass full of water to see if there was any dirt in it. Looks clear to me, so we are good to go.water


My brother who runs Armstrong Valley Farm was glad to see the clean water as it’s all going to go to his gardens. My house is on spring water so I don’t need the water.

Covered the blueberry patch

After taking a good break, my brother suggested I use some of his ground cover material to cover my blue berries that the birds are eating green.

The material wasn’t wide enough to cover the patch so I had to lay it out and staple three strips of it together, which wasn’t much fun.

Here’s the big dress I was making, at least it sorta looks like a big dress. I just finished stapling the strips together.cover


I dragged the whole thing over my blueberry patch. It should work, if the wind doesn’t blow it off. The material is used to cover growing plants and lets the sun through, but hopefully not the birds. This is a temporary thing until I can build something more permanent and easier to deal with.covered


Maybe next year I’ll get that built? I spent the rest of the day cycling the well on and off to help clean it out.

Other then that, that’s all I did today and a whole lot of just sitting around the yard and enjoying it.

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2 Responses to Turned on the New Well and Ran the Dirt Out of It

  1. admin says:

    Hi Barry,
    No, I didn’t forget. I didn’t have time to do netting this year and yours has holes that would get caught on the plants, so I opted for this for as a temporary solution. I also have two sections of six inch pvc pipe under my house if you need some for your well.

  2. Barry says:

    What happened to the netting I gave you to cover the blue berries? Did you forget?

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