A Paddle at Monte Rio and Joe Gets Some New Chicks

Tuesday June 9, 2020 Monte Rio CA.

River paddle

Yep, that sounded like a good thing to do today so I headed on down to Monte Rio to the launch ramp and put my boat in the water.

Looking up river the beach seemed pretty busy so I turned and  headed down river at a slow pace.rio


Not as many people down river as I drifted along in the slow current.river2


I stopped here at Villa Grande and sat for a bit.river3


Then I moved to this spot just a little further down river.river4



Eventually this family of merganser ducks swam by.mergansers5


Osprey nest

After a good break in that spot I tried to paddle down river but ran into a gravel bar so instead of walking my boat through it I turned and headed back up the river to this spot where I thought I saw an osprey in the nest in the dead tree up ahead, in the center of this picture.nest6


I couldn’t tell if that was one bird or two?osprey


I paddled by these mallard ducks while paddling back up the river.ducks8


And I saw this green heron fly into this bush.heron9


With school out and lots of people not working lots of people were on the river enjoying the day, too many for me. :O)

I paddled back to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

Joe calls and wants some chicks for his broody hen

Late in the afternoon I got a phone call. Joe wanted to know if he could buy three of  my new chicks as one of his hens was broody and he wanted to give her some chicks to take care of as he needed to add some new birds to his flock.

Normally I wouldn’t sell any of my chicks but Joe is a good friend so I said to come on over and pick out three of the newer ones which are about a week old.

Before he arrived I went out and locked the little guys in this little pen so Joe could catch the ones he wanted.peepers


This little peep escaped that pen and wen I started to get it back with the others I changed my mind and decided to leave it be and keep that one so left it out.peep10


Fun, fun

Jo arrived and caught all the little birds and put them in a little box so they could choose which ones they wanted. The box wasn’t tall enough and the chicks where escaping and they were trying to catch them and get them back in the box.joe11


This guy was enjoying the heck out of it all. They did catch the little chick.kid12


As they were choosing another one got away and Joe chased it down and caught it somehow.chick14


They were finally able to pick three chicks and headed for home.

By then the day was mostly over so I did some chair hopping and enjoyed the evening.

Nice day.

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One Response to A Paddle at Monte Rio and Joe Gets Some New Chicks

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    The water looks so nice for a paddle. I know you like less people but it is nice to see some semblance of order coming back, people allowed on beaches again.
    I’ve never even heard of a green heron and good eye, seeing that osprey nest! Funny how they pick their ‘home’ spots.
    Too much fun! Watching Joe et al catching the baby chicks!

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