Quad Runner Repairs and Covering Up Some Springs

Monday June 8, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Worked on the quad runner problem

I wanted to ride up into the hills today and work on some springs but the quad runner wasn’t running right. The last time I used it, the engine wanted to die a couple of times and it did but it got going enough to get home.

I figured there must be something wrong with it getting gas. Maybe a clogged filter or a bad fuel pump so I needed to take it apart and check things out.

I got the tools together and jacked it up and took off the right rear tire to get at the fuel stuff.quad


Must be the carb

Every thing looked like it should work as there was plenty of gas getting to the carb. I put it back together for another test drive thinking if the problem is still there it  must be something in the carb.

Spring work

I got the tools I needed to work on the springs and rode up into the hills. The quad worked well until I pulled into the spring area where it sputtered a bit but kept running.

I needed to cover up this spring tap.spring


And this one too. spring2


I built a small clay dam in back of it and put some plastic and rocks on it to hold the things down.. The actual spring tap is back under the hill a couple feet so this one is fairly well protected already. I dug blue clay out of the hole on the right to use for the small dams.covered


Covered up

After that I used the shovel to cover up the pipes to help protect them.spsring


From there I rode on back down the hill through here.road


Full water tanks

I did stop at our water tanks to check the water level and they were all full which was good.

Strawberries and taking it easy

On the way home I stopped at my brother’s strawberry patch and ate a few or so. Yummy.

Back home I decided the quad’s problem must be in the carb but I wasn’t in the mood to take it apart right now so I didn’t.

The rest of the day was spent chair hopping and puttering around the yard doing mostly nothing except supervising the chickens a bit.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    If your days are anything like ours, some are great for working outside and others just way too hot and humid. We get the work things done in the morning and chair hop for the afternoon. At least that is the plan -some can’t stop (like Bill) but with temperatures in the low 90’s with humidity, his boss will quit early.

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