A Quiet Day and a Walk to Swamp Rock Kayaking Jenner

Tuesday August 19, 2014 Jenner CA.

As I pulled into Jenner this morning, I could see Steve across the river in his kayak.

Biologists sampling river water

As I was putting my boat into the water, a white truck pulled up to the top of the boat ramp and these two got out and started to get their gear on. They didn’t look much like tourists, so I asked them what they were up to. From the Sonoma County Water Agency, biologists taking water samples of the river, testing for I know not what?watersamplers


Headed on down to the river’s mouth

I left them at it and joined Steve once I got my boat in the water. He wanted to go down to the river’s mouth, so we headed down that way along the north side of Penny Island.

Our view as we approached the mouth area.rivermouth


We hung around the mouth area  for an hour or so, then headed up the river to the back channel of Penny Island.

There were a few terns resting on the island. Most of the terns that were fishing here seemed to have left the area and there is far less fishing going on by birds in the estuary right now, for whatever reason?terns


Coming out the other end of the channel, we passed by these merganser ducks.mergansers


Walked in the swamp by Swamp rock.

Steve said he wanted to go for a walk, but he catches poison oak. I said I know a place where the stuff doesn’t seem to be for some reason, Swamp Rock.

So we put our boats ashore here at this spot and went over to see if we could get near Swamp Rock?kayaks


If he stayed in the swamp, he was able to stay away from the poison oak, but there was poison oak just under Swamp Rock, which is the rock in the top center of the picture. Also note there is a small black spot on the top of the rock to the left, but I can’t really make out what it is at this point.seamprock


A vulture

As we got a bit closer, it started to look like a black vulture of which I’ve seen one or two around here with the turkey vultures. It sat up there while we wondered around below in the swamp.blackvulture


Once you walk into this spot, it ‘s not so easy to find your way back out, so I asked Steve to find his way out. I always have a hard time finding my way out, but I know the general direction better.

Here is Steve looking for the trail out, but he already passed it.jenner


I let him wonder around a bit before I gave him some hints. He did find some poison oak, but not right in the swamp area, so he had to be careful where he went.steve


During all this, that vulture stayed up on the rock, just sitting, watching us. I guess it got tired of laughing at us and finally got up and took off. I first thought this was a black vulture, but looking close at this picture, I think it is just a young turkey vulture, as there seems to be some red in the head.vulture3


With some hints, Steve finally found his way out and we made it back to the boats.

On up the river

We continued on up the river taking our time and stopping often along the way.

Just below Paddy’s rock, these birds were resting on the shore. Not so many today as a week ago. Cormorants, mergansers and an egret with a couple bovine too.birds


Even though it was overcast today, the wind was down to a breeze as we paddled on up the river.russianriver


Turned around at Musk Rat

We made it to musk rat where we sat around for a bit before turning back down the river.

Sitting at musk rat, facing down river.river


This was our view as we headed back into the boat ramp at Jenner this evening.jenner2


The estuary seemed a bit on the quiet side today, compared to all the activity of birds feeding all over the place a few days ago. There still seems to be plenty of small fish to feed on as we saw them jumping and splashing and causing waves in the water in lots of places as we paddled around today.

Getting ready to go to Boonville

Home for the rest of the day, a nap and I puttered around the yard until it got dark. Part of what I puttered at, was getting all the stuff in my van I’ll need for my trip up to a cabin near Boonville. I’ll be leaving for there shortly.

My new camera is also supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so if it comes early, I might leave for Boonville early and you won’t hear from me until late Sunday night as there is no internet access up where the cabin is.

I will be helping my friend Marty tap into some new springs as his current ones for his cabin seem to be dwindling. That means I get to play in the mud a bit. :O)

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