Birds, Harbor Seals and Fishing has Slowed in the Russian River Estuary

Monday August 18, 2014 Jenner CA.

I’ve noticed in the last couple days the birds fishing in the estuary are quite a bit fewer then before. There are still birds fishing, but not near as many as before. And I still see lots of little fish along the shoreline splashing the water, so  I know there are still lots of fish in the estuary. So, maybe there are better, easier to catch, or more fish somewhere else?

It was overcast today as I put my boat in the water and headed across the river. There was a little high fog drifting around the area, with a fairly light breeze.

It looked like this as I started up the river, just past the east end of Penny Island.upriver


I passed these merganser ducks resting on this log. The sun was shining just right to make the white stand out on the ducks.merganserducks


Redwood Graveyard

It was low tide as I paddled along at my usual slow pace. I stopped in the middle of these old redwood trees and sat for a bit. I call this spot, Redwood Graveyard, as it seems to be made up of old skeletons of redwood trees that fell over in this spot many years ago. I think these trees grew here a long time ago and fell over, as they are lined up wrong for trees that have floated down the river.russianriver


Great blue heron

As I was cruising along at my slow speed, I came upon this great blue heron, in my path.blueheron1


Since it was in my path, it gave way and let me by.blueheron2


It flew off with some auks, making a lot of noise.blueheron3


Two cormorants

Further up the river, I came across these two cormorants, that have been on this rock when I come by for the last couple weeks or so. The one with it’s wings out will fly off and the other one will stay as I pass, giving it some distance. That’s been the routine.conrmorants


I paddled on past the cormorant and settled in at musk rat for a bit, then started on back down the river.

I stopped here by this rock for a bit, before continuing on.jenner


A king fisher flew onto a log just up ahead. It stayed long enough for this one picture, which is longer than usual.kingfisher


Paddled on down the back channel

I continued on down the river, going down the back channel of Penny Island and down to the west end of the island.

Snowy Egret

Something white caught my eye in the shallows. I paddled over closer to see this snowy egret.snowyegret

It was busy fishing away. I watched for a bit, then continued on down towards the river’s mouth area.egret


Looking out the river’s mouth area

The ocean was just coming off low tide and the water was just barely starting to come into the river.  Some harbor seals and birds where resting on the sand on the right, as I looked out into the Pacific ocean from this spot.mouth


Since the tide was starting to come into the river, I could get my boat fairly far into the river’s mouth without being concerned about being sucked out into the ocean, so I worked my way deeper into the mouth and took these pictures while sitting in this area for a bit.

Harbor seals

Harbor seals resting on the sandy beach, just to the right of the river’s mouth, getting hit by waves coming in from the ocean.seals2


And just behind them where more harbor seals and some cormorants and seagulls. Ocean waves are breaking into the mouth, as the tide is starting to come in.harborseals


After awhile I headed on in for the day.

I passed by this great blue heron fishing off the north side of Penny Island on the way back to the boat ramp.heron


I went on home, I think it was about three PM?

At home, I  finished covering up my water line ditch and puttered around the yard for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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