A Ride In the Forest To Visit Some Hilltop Neighbors

Saturday April 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Sitting around and weed watering

That’s what I did this morning just taking it easy in the yard enjoying the nice day.


Around 2 I jumped on the dirt bike and headed up into the forest headed to some of my neighbors that live up on the hilltops west of me.

On the way I stopped here to get this wind blown dead tree off the road.tree1


A little bit further I ran into this  mess of trees on the road. Too heavy for  me to move but I remember my brother Barry and I rode around the end of this on the hill side, just barely making it.trees2


Wild morning glories

I was surprised to run into these wild morning glories just before I got to my neighbor’s gate.road3


Lots of wild white morning glories along this part of the road.flowers4


I kept going up the road and went through their gate. Well actually, there is a hole in the fence by the gate they leave open for neighbors to get through.road5


Hilltop views

This was the view to the west as I entered the neighbors property. Over the last hills as far as you can is is the Pacific ocean, not far as the crow flies.view6


Our family property is on that highest hill and to the left of it and the town of Guerneville is just over the top of it and in the valley beyond.hill7


I continued riding up the road.road8


And down this road to their house which is in those trees up ahead.road9


Dogs greet me

The gate was closed when I got there and the dogs came to the gate barking away. I yelled I was there but the dogs where making so much noise I didn’t think anyone could hear me. But eventually I heard Rob say the dogs were harmless, but one of them I wasn’t sure of.

I opened the gate and went on in and the dogs where mostly friendly, just doing their job.

Good visit

I visited with Rob and Laura for most of the afternoon, shooting the bull. Rob was interested in how I tap water springs so I’ll likely be helping him with that in the future and Laura is real interested in the history of this area, especially the state park where she used to work.

Eventually I had to leave as they had to get back to work doing some house cleaning getting ready for an Easter party they were having.

Dirt bike ride in the forest

It was such a nice day out I went for a ride in the forest on the way home going by the Guerneville overlook.

This is the view of the little town of Guerneville  which the river flows by sometimes flooding the town.guerneville


Spring water check

On the way down the hill I stopped at our main spring to check the water flow. Two gallons a minute which is pretty good. We have some other spring too connected into the system.spring11


Water tanks

And I stopped the check the water level in our storage tanks which were full to the top so I was good to go to do lots more weed watering at home.tanks12


Back home it was nap time. And in the evening I did a lot of chair hopping around the yard moving water sprinklers around to water weeds and just sitting around enjoying the nice day.

At dark I went in the house.

Nice day.

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