Windy Day, So Off To the Talking Trees Trail

Sunday April 19, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Windy day

It was real windy when I got it going today. Windier than normal so it seemed like a good idea to go up into the forest to the Talking Trees Trail to listen to the trees talk.

Work area

I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up there and stopped in this spot to do some work and listen to the trees talk, which they did.bike5


Trees talking

The wind blows these narrow trees around  and they rub on each other and drop stuff too, to make a lot of noise. How much noise  depends on how strong the wind is and which way it blows. Today, the wind was making a lot of low pitched noises as compared to last time I heard the trees it was more high pitched noise.forest1


Big ferns

There’s some big ferns in the area.ferns10


Big stumps too

And some olden stumps from an old logging operation likely before 1900.stumps3


Trail work

The trail is a bit steep here so I gathered up these rocks to make this rock wall. Eventually I’ll fill the trail in with rocks and dirt to build the trail up so the steep spot will disappear.trail


Lots of sorrel

I walked around a bit in the sour grass, sorrel.



Sorrel looks a lot like clover but it isn’t. The three leafed plant is going to bloom soon, a trillium.sorrel8


Another spot

After I had my rock work done I rode on up the trail further to this spot and listened some more. I tried to record the sounds several times on my video camera, but each time I got ready to record the talking seemed to cease, like the trees knew I wanted to record those sounds.trees12


Little walk

I walked up this dry creek bed to check it out a bit.creek13


I was able to walk up to here in the creek bed when I was blocked by the tree limbs across the creek bed.creek14


I headed back down the creek bed and hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up the trail going through here.trail15


From there I hit a road and rode on up to the top of the hill and stopped here on this fire break to move some tree limbs out of the road.break16


Then I worked my way back down the hill headed for home.


I let the chickens into this garden area so they could tear things up. They seem to like to dig in the woodchips and seem to be finding plenty to eat in them.chickens16


Moving woodchips

In the evening I got the wheelbarrow out and the pitch fork and starting loading up these woodchips for the raspberry patch.chips17


I was dumping the woodchips in the raspberry patch, I think I did about ten loads or so before I got tired and quit for the day.patch18


Nice day.

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