A Slow Start, But Got Some Work Done On the Old Bridge Project

Sunday April 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Slow start

I woke up feeling a little under the weather today. I didn’t feel up to doing any work, so I chair hopped around the yard for a few hours.

Old bridge repairs

Eventually I felt better and got the tools out to weld up some channel for the old bridge repair.brace2


I used the wheelbarrow to transport the heavy piece of metal a couple hundred feet to the old bridge.brace1


Hard to see in the bright light

I started work on the next piece but was having trouble seeing what I was doing when welding, mostly because the sun was too bright. I was hoping for a big cloud to come by and give me some shade so I could see the weld better. I had hopes in this little cloud blocking the sun for a bit. It did, but only for a few minutes. Not long enough to get much done.cloud3


I needed to cut some holes in this piece for some lag bolts, so I got the plasma cutter out to do the job.plasma4


It was so hard to see to use the equipment I had a hard time cutting the holes, which hooked like this. Not pretty, but the bolts will go through them and will do the job. I think I need another roof over this area so I can see to do this kind of work.



Then I cut the left end of this piece to fit into another piece of channel and it was ready to transport.notched6


Rain shower hits

I was almost finished with the last piece for the day when a rain shower hit, so I quickly put all the tools away as I didn’t know how long the rain was going to last. About ten minutes was all.rain7


That was ok as I was finished with most of the tools for the day anyhow. I only needed the power band saw to cut a couple more things and I was done with that for the day.

Just in time for the sun going down when it would be easier to see the welding process.




Old bridge work site

I’m using the metal pieces to build a box bulkhead where to old rotten wood had washed out in a recent rain storm.repairr9


Clear heart redwood

This bridge was built about 1955 when a big stump washed the old bridge out during a big rain storm. It was built with clear heart redwood so lasted for quite some time. 68 years.

I spent the rest of the evening sitting around just enjoying the evening as it was real nice out.

The moon popped up to the east just as it was starting to get dark.moon11


Nice day.

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