A Turtle, an Osprey, and More Kayaking the Jenner Area

Thursday June 1, 2017 Jenner CA.

Headed out to kayak today

I decided to go kayaking at Jenner today. The wind was expected to be up a little, but not too bad.

I put the boat in and paddled across to Penny Island. Some fog was coming in down by the ocean so I decided to go up river which looked like this as I went up past Penny Island. It was low tide so a lot of the shoreline was exposed as I paddled along.river


Little mallards

These mallard ducks kept their eyes on my as I paddled past them.ducks


And this great blue heron watched as I passed by.heron


An unexpected find

I was headed to these old redwood logs as it’s a good place to pull in and sit in my boat for a rest. I see something on one of the logs that I don’t see much down in this part of the river much.logs


It was a turtle resting on the moss covered log.turtle1


It kept an eye on me and finally slid into the water so I took over the area and sat in my boat and  watched for a bit.

Vultures eating something

I could see some turkey vultures eating something across the river so when I left that spot I paddled over to check them out. I couldn’t tell what they were eating, maybe a deer or a seal carcass.vultures


I continued on up the river about a mile going by here.river2


Saw something land up in the trees

I made it up to the muskrat area and sat for awhile then turned back down the river going by this area where I saw something land up in the trees, so I investigated.river3


It turned out to be an osprey.osprey


I continued on and went past this great blue heron fishing along the shoreline.heron1


Geese make a lot of noise

These geese were resting on the upper end of Penny Island and honked a lot as I passed by.geese


The wind was up a little by now as I paddled on in for the day.jenner


I hit the boat ramp and loaded my boat on the car and went on home for the day.

I was tired out, so I mostly sat around the yard for the rest of the day and did a little puttering.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Beautiful day for a yak, you saw lots of living nature. I love the moss on the log.

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