A Visit, Ice Cream, Tires and a Forest Ride

Friday July 28, 2023 Guerneville CA.

A visit and ice cream

I’ve had the urge for some chocolate ice cream lately but they haven’t had the one brand that I can eat, Tillamook Chocolate. They’ve only had chocolate this and chocolate that, which all of corn products in them, but no just plain chocolate for over a couple of weeks now. I was hoping to finally find the right one.


It was lunch time so I decided to go visit John and Cheryl S. for a bit on the way, so I’d be at the store after lunch time so it wouldn’t be so busy.

We had a nice visit.  They were taking care of their new grand daughter.

Ice cream

I lucked out and they had plain chocolate. I bought two of them and went home and devoured almost all of one of them. :O)

Hunting for tires

I spent several hours today hunting up tires on the internet for my dirt bike. I used the search engines on a couple webpages that sell tires, but it was giving me the wrong tire sizes which took me a bit to figure out why.

It turned out  I thought my bike was  140L but eventually I tried one of the other choices and the right size tires showed up. So, I discovered my bike was actually a 140g.

I typed in the make of the tire my brother Barry had purchased recently and  things started to come together. I ordered one for the back and one for the front.


Tires have gone up a lot. Barry bought a larger tire than what I needed for 80 bucks a few months ago and my smaller tire was a hundred bucks. My other brother Tom said he just bought tires for his truck which used to be just over 800 buck for four of them and now they were over 1400 dollars. If you want them, you just have to pay the price.

I’d had enough of looking for tires, so I decided to ride up the hill and see what my trail cam got.


I stopped at our water tanks to check the water level. They were almost full but I noticed the water gauge wasn’t working very well. I’ll have to bring a ladder up soon to go up to the top of the tanks and see what’s wrong and fix the problem.tanks


Another cam

I added another cam to this spring on the way up the hill. You can see it there overlooking the water.spring


Trimming roads

I continued on up the hill and stopped at a couple spots to trim some branches off the road, in this spot first.trim


And then I did this spot.trimming


I made it up to where I had the other trail cam setup.water


I got a drink and when I checked the trail cam, this was the only critter on it. Me, getting a drink of water. At least I have the cam adjusted right now.butt


Lost ridge

From there I rode around the hills a bit and stopped on this flat to trim some more brush. I’d build a cabin on this spot, if I didn’t already have a house nearby.flat


I headed towards home down this trail.trail



On the way, I stopped at this creek to check it out.creek


And at the bottom of the hills, I stopped at these old apple trees to get a couple of apples to eat.apples


Nice day.

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