A Visit to the Old Hermit’s Place to Chat With the New Owner

Saturday July 29, 2023 Guerneville CA.

State park

Today, I planned to go up to the hermit’s place. He passed away a while back and I wanted to visit with the new owner, Tim.

But first I had to work my way through the park.

Don’t  have to pay

The pay place is just up ahead and I was wondering if I should just go around it or wait my turn and go on through it. I don’ have to pay because I’m a neighbor.park


I figured if I went around it, someone might wonder what I was doing and chase after me, so I went on through, waiting for the cars ahead of me to pay.enterpark


I  made it through and drove down this road headed to the hermit’s place, not far up ahead.road


Some people are just stupid

I’m always amazed on how stupid people are that just stand in the road and don’t get out of the way, just because they are in a park, I guess.

I just stop and wait until they get the idea that I need to pass on by. If they don’t, I nicely say I need to get by.

Anyway, I got by and crossed over this bridge. Private property starts at the sign there and the hermit’s driveway is just ahead where I turn off this road.bridge


This is the road up to the hermit’s place.roadin


I found Tim working away on the place. He finally got all the stuff out of the house and now  has lots of repairs to take care of before he and his wife can move in.

See all the tarps on the roof. He needs to put a roof on it among other things.house


He showed me all around and talked about all the improvements he and his wife wanted to make. He’s got his work cut out for him.

Track steer machine

I was interested in his track steer machine he just purchased as I’d like to get one of these things eventually. They are in high demand in our area so used ones are hard to come by.machine


We had a good visit, then I took off to head back down the hill to my place.

A nap was in order.

Another neighbor

In the late afternoon I hopped on the dirt bike to ride up the hill to another neighbor’s place where I was helping him with tapping a spring. I forgot my camera.

I found him and  his wife home taking care of their grand daughter. We had a good visit and I headed back down the hill to my place.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to A Visit to the Old Hermit’s Place to Chat With the New Owner

  1. Gaelyn says:

    My trail cam catches me more than anyone else.

  2. Nancy K says:

    I think you have to be handy to live up there, but oh the beauty of living in the forest.

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