A Walk, Some Elk and a New Camp Spot

Saturday February 14, 2015 Arizona Beach, Port Orford, Oregon

Once I got it going this morning, I went over to where Steve was staying to see what was going on today. Steve didn’t seem too energetic.

We went for a  walk from his place to the Arizona beach which is just across the highway.

We crossed this little walk bridge to get over to the state park. Steve’s looking for fish.bridge


There were two crows on the grass as we passed making a lot of crow type noises. Here’s one of them that stood still long enough for me to get a picture.crow


We took it easy here at the beach for a good spell before returning to where Steve is living.arizonabeach


We heard a bunch of honking and spotted these two geese before they flew off.geese


When we got back to Steve’s place, we couldn’t agree on what we wanted to do today. By now we were both feeling on the lazy side, so I said I’d stop by this evening and  left to go back to my camp area for a nap.

Instead of going to my camp area, I checked out another place just below it that I hadn’t been in before and had a nap there. Good thing I checked this place out as there were people in my camp spot when I went to it in the evening.

Here is the  view of the ocean from the new camp spot.ocean


In the late afternoon, I decided to go to Port Orford library to do some internet stuff which I did.

After that, I went down to the Port Orford harbor to see what was going on. Not much was going on as no one was working today.

I watched these two crab and fish for awhile. They didn’t catch anything while I watched, but I heard them tell someone else they had two crab and some perch.fishing



I left Port Orford just after five and drove back to where Steve was staying. There were some elk grazing right where I normally park and they didn’t seem too concerned with my presence.elk2


There were about a dozen of them grazing away as I watched.elk4


I went in and  talked with Steve for a bit. We decided to kayak and fish the lake in Port Orford tomorrow and then I left for my old camp spot. But when I drove up there, two cars were already in the spot, so I went on down to my new spot where I am now.

I just need to get some dinner now and then I can kick back for the rest of the evening.

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