Finished Packing the Van and Heading to Port Orford Tomorrow

Sunday February 26, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A lazy puttering day

Today was going to be a puttering day to finish loading up the van and clean up all the van’s glass and rain-x the front windshield as I expect it to shower quite a lot up at Port Orford Oregon.

I didn’t really have a lot to do today which was a good thing as I was feeling a bit lazy. I spent a good deal of time going through my list and getting little things taken care of so they could get crossed off the list. I always think I’m taking too many clothes and I likely am. But what I find out is once on a trip a certain set of clothes gets selected and used and the other stuff just sits, but until I go and experience the weather in a place I‘m not sure what clothes I need, so I take  more just in case which means it’s hard to contain them in their respected spots. Oh well.

Washing the van’s glass

After a  nap in the afternoon I was getting the supplies I needed together to wash all the van’s glass when a rain shower set me back getting the van all wet. Once it subsided, I attacked the van’s glass and shined all the windows up. The rain seemed to be done for now, so I was able to apply the rain-x to the front windshield and a couple side windows too.

Materials for poke poles

Since I had the time, I also cut two long pieces of bamboo and got a length of  stainless steel wire and tied them up on the top of the van. I don’t have a fishing license, but Steve does so I’ll try to get him into poke poling as it’s a productive way to catch some ocean fish especially if we can find some nice rocks to fish under during a low tide.

Almost ready to go

Except for a few things to add to the van in the morning I’m ready to roll. My plan is to leave some time tomorrow when ever I can get it going which hasn’t been too early in the day lately, but whatever?

I’ll head north on highway 101 to the Oregon boarder and see if I can make it up to  my old camp spot just below Humbug camp ground which means my internet will be hit and miss, so maybe Tuesday  you might hear from me or when ever I can get an internet hookup. There’s not a lot of choices in Port Orford for internet. I usually use the library in town which has Wi-Fi when it is open.

I may also stay at the RV Resort where Steve is staying on the Elk River and they have Wi-Fi too, but I’m not sure of my plans just yet.

So anyway I hope to be off an an adventure tomorrow headed north to Fort Orford.

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