A Ride Up the Sixes River Road Just Above Port Orford Oregon

Sunday February 8, 2015 Port Orford Oregon

The sun was out this morning as I got up, but rain was expected later today.

Here’s a pictures of the pull apart rolls I made last night which we mostly devoured with the crab we ate last night. There were only three left after dinner, so I guess we pigged out a bit. Yummmmm.rolls


All the rivers are blown out as far as the fishing goes and flowing too fast for my kind of kayaking, so we decided to take another ride today. Today, we were going up along the Sixes river, which is a river just north of Port Orford. We were going to explore the head waters of the Sixes river. We will fish and kayak the Sixes river when the water clears up and goes down a bit.

This was the road we took up into the hills along the river. It’s in fairly good shape with no potholes  like were on the Elk Road we explored the other day.road


As you can see the Sixes river is muddy and flowing fast with lots of water.river


A lot of the road was through forests like this. It’s been windy so there was a lot of small branches on the road.road2


We stopped at a closed campground up there and walked in down this road to check the river out in this spot.walk


The river was flowing nicely. We just looked.river2


About twenty miles up the road we stopped at this spot so Steve could check out the water in the creek under the bridge. Steve picked up a lot of aluminum cans. He says he uses the money from these to pay for his fishing license.stevevan


We had a nice ride out looking around and got back to Port Orford around three PM. We were going through so heavy rain showers at this time.  Steve wanted to stop and do some shopping for groceries, so we stopped. He went into the store and I checked out the Wi-Fi signal from the library that was across the street from the store. I was having some difficulty finding the signal when a guy came back to his car from the store and saw my van and started talking with me. He pointed me to the right Wi-Fi signal and we talked kayaking for a bit, then he left and I found the library’s Wi-Fi signal and connected. Great.

I was having trouble getting on where Steve was staying and I planned to move my night spot up the road from there a couple of miles, so a new internet connection spot was needed.

I dropped Steve off where he was staying and drove back to this spot to stay the night.van


It’s a spot up the hill from the main highway overlooking the Pacific ocean. The spot is a road working area which I’ve used before up here, last year when I was here for a week.

The clouds were nice, but the sunset was weak as there is one more storm out there getting ready to come in tomorrow.sunset


With another day of rain coming in, we’ll likely do a similar thing we did today. We are thinking of going south a bit to Gold Beach, then off checking on the Rogue River.

That should be the last day of rain for a bit, so we’ll get on the rivers eventually.

Posting will likely be delayed until I get an internet connection sometime in the morning.

Nice day cruising around the forest roads.

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