A Windy Paddle, a Windy Walk and Trying to Get Rid of a Rat

Friday September 4, 2015 Jenner CA.

A real windy day

I could see the wind was up as I drove into Jenner today. What’s a little wind. I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island hoping to find a place out of the wind but there wasn’t any. I put my boat in a drift up the river with the wind. My loon friend passed by me pretty close.loony


It was preening as it went by, not too concerned with me.loon


I snapped a couple more pics as the closer the camera is to the subject the more detail it records. But the wind was howling and I was bouncing around on the waves.loonn


The wind was blowing seriously about 25 miles an hour and most of the birds had left the estuary.russianriver


I continued drifting on up the river and went by this egret taking advantage of the big stump to break the wind.egret


Swamp Rock trailhead

I made it up to Otter’s log where I sat for awhile. I decided to go back to the Swamp Rock Trailhead and walk over to swamp rock. I landed here and went to shore.



I crossed the swamp that is dry right now and in fall colors.swamp


The wind was blowing the swamp grasses around violently as I worked my way over to that rock on the hillside about in the middle of the picture.rock


This was my view of the town of Jenner from my seat on Swamp Rock.jenner


My first seat was too windy, so I moved to a less windy spot on the rock and did some day dreaming and let the wind blow.

The grasses and bushes were being blown around by the wind as I watched.swamp2


This is what it looked like as I worked my way back through the dried up swamp.swampgrass


I was surprised to see this thistle blooming this late in the season.thissle


When I got back to my boat, I sat on the shore here for a good while just enjoying the day, out of the wind.river


I had to work a bit to get back to the boat ramp paddling through the wind and the waves. I took my time splashing through the waves enjoying the bounce of the boat and some water spray coming over the bow, getting me a little wet, but my wind breaker took care of most of that. I find the best thing to do with the wind is enjoy it so it doesn’t’ get you down.

And really, paddling around in the worst windy day just means I have a much better appreciation of a day with no wind. I mean really, how can one enjoy a nice day if one doesn’t know what a not so nice day is?

I meet Kenny at the ramp

Kenny was at the boat ramp. He’d just taken his blow up kayak out of the water and started home when he had to turn around and get his forgotten paddle. For some reason he knew I’d be at the ramp and would show him his lost paddle. After saying hi, I looked down the shoreline and said there’s your paddle. Apparently Kenny had been blown around a lot after putting his boat in the water. He said the wind blew his boat up in the air as he landed it and got out.

As I was getting my car to get my boat, another Ken showed up, so I had both Kens meet as they have a lot in common, then John the trash picker upper guy came by. I had some fresh peaches for John as a reward for keeping the area as clean as he does.

After a lot of shooting the bull with those guys I headed on home for the day but stopped in to shoot the bull with Ray for a bit.

The rat

Once home, I had a bit of a nap then heard the rat in the attic. It seems this rat moved in while I was gone to the desert. I heard it hit the roof. It appears it’s using a tree limb to get on my roof and into my attic, so I did some tree trimming. Of course tree trimming means there’s a bunch of branches to pick up. I picked up some of them. We’ll see if that stops the rat or not.

That was my day for a good one.

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