Trip Planning, Windy Paddling and a Berry Walk on Penny Island

Tuesday June 2, 2015 Jenner CA.

Marty visits

My friend Marty stopped by this morning about ten and we shot the bull for a couple hours, discussing up coming trips and just stuff.

The wind is up

He left just before noon and I headed down to Jenner to kayak for the day. The wind was already up more than the weather guy said it would be. I could see Steve across the river in the little channel at the end of Penny island sitting in his kayak out of the wind. I put my boat in the water and launched into the wind heading across the river to where Steve was sitting in this spot. We sat in this spot for a good hour, shooting the bull and discussing an upcoming trip to the Jarbidge area.

This is what it looked like where we sat and shot the bull at the end of Penny Island out of the wind.steve


While we were sitting there, this female mallard duck was going by when I noticed she has some little ones with her.ducks


Eventually we paddled into the wind and headed on up the river looking for places to stop out of the wind. The wind was blowing into the shore so it was hard to find spots out of the wind.

We traveled along here staying on the river’s edge where the wind blows less.steve2


Stopped at Muskrat

We went as far as Muskrat and sat here for quite a spell, just watching things.resting


We could see the horses grazing on the hilltop across the river from us.horses


The wind seemed to be blowing us around a bit most everywhere we tried to get out of it, so we started back down the river going along here. You can see the waves which indicate the wind is up. Cameras don’t take good pictures of the wind.river


Fish trackers

While paddling along, we heard the sound of a motorboat coming down the river. Turned out to  be the fish tracker guys. I think they are tracking fish further up the estuary as I haven’t seen them much in this lower part yet. They were headed back in for the day.trackers


Headed to Penny Island for a walk

Steve said he wanted to go for a walk on Penny Island, so we headed down that way. A walk on Penny Island meant there would be blackberries to be had. The wind seemed to pick up some more as we paddled along. See the white caps out there towards the town of Jenner?chopy


River’s mouth is closed

With the river’s mouth closed and the estuary water level high like it is, it is easy to get out at this spot on Penny Island. Steve is tying up his boat as we pulled ashore.island


Town of Jenner

This is always a nice view of the little town of Jenner looking across the river from Penny Island.jenner


Salmon berries

These are salmon berries getting ripe. They can be real bitter at times and are not my favorite.salmonberry


We did find some nice blackberries and consumed what we could get to. There should be a lot more to come later as the season progresses.

This was one of our views as we headed back to our boats. See the ducks on the log?ducks2


The ducks on the log. Two male mallards.mallards


Real nice out

We got back in our boats and paddled into the little channel at the end of the island which is out of the wind. We stayed there for a bit as we knew when we started across the windy river we’d be off the river soon and even though it was windy, it was still a real nice day.

Sitting in the little channel out of the wind, getting ready to cross the windy river to the boat


Steve gets wet

We crossed over the river getting a few splashes. Steve came onto the boat ramp too slow and got hit by a few waves before he was able to get out of his boat. I made it ok after laughing at Steve getting wet.

We went on home and that was my day.

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