Windy, Harbor Seals Feast, a Loon and Some Dried Prunes

Thursday September 3, 2015 Jenner CA.

On the way to Jenner this morning I stopped at Charlie’s in Monte Rio. He wanted to install a ceiling fan and needed a supervisor, so I sat in a chair and gave him advice mostly. I did have to get up once or twice to help when things didn’t seem to go right for him. Persistence pays off and we got it done.

I was at Jenner just after noon and the sun was out and the wind was up, which meant I had the place pretty much to myself. Most people don’t seem to like the wind much. I just deal with it.

I put my boat in the water and decided to let the wind and tide carry me up the river. I was here just above the boat ramp drifting.russianriver


I know what this means

When this seagull landed close by and began to eat something in the water. I knew from experience, a harbor seal had a big fish and was eating it under water. The seagull was eating the pieces the seals lost during the process. Sometimes the seals fight or play with a big fish so there might be lots of scraps.seagull


I didn’t see the big fish they were eating, but I did see this seal come up and watch. I don’t think this seal is the one with the big fish, but I think it was getting a piece of the action.seal


Likely salmon

My guess is they were eating a salmon as the salmon usually start to trickle in starting in August and here we are in September already.

I continued on up the river past these birds resting. A white pelican and some merganser ducks on the log.birds


I spotted some cormorants by Paddy’s rock. They’d just gotten out of the water and were doing their preening thing. You can see them in all kinds of positions preening away before they can just relax and take it easy.cormorants


Eventually, I made it here, Muskrat Nest beach where I sat for a good while watching and doing some day dreaming too.bridge


Even with the wind it was a pretty nice day out as I paddled back down the river and stopped here for a bit.jenner


I was just coming up on this spot when I spotted a bird buddy off to the right.log


I’ve been going by this loon almost everyday so it doesn’t take off anymore as I pass. It must do well fishing as I mostly just see if floating around on the water and not fishing.loon


I sat here for a bit before going on in for the day.jenner2


When I got home, I didn’t do much. But I did sit in the yard and enjoyed the evening.

Dried prunes

I also picked up the prunes I was drying in the sun as they were now dry enough.driedprunes


Prunes are rather amazing as you can dry them without any preservatives. They keep a long time like this and taste good. These are dried more than one can get them in the stores and they eat like candy. Yummmmm.prunes


That was it for my day. Nice day.

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