A Winter Day Paddle at Jenner Enjoying the Weather

Wednesday January 22, 2020 Jenner CA.

Jenner paddle day

The weather guys said it’d be a low wind day around 2 miles per hour so after being shut in the house for rain yesterday I headed on down to Jenner. As I was driving down I noticed the river was pretty muddy when I went by Monte Rio and it was at Jenner too.

I put the boat in the water. There was almost no one around today which was nice.

Here I’m just leaving the boat ramp and headed over to the island by that big tree across the way.river


Headed up river

I had decided to go up the river a short distance first today so I paddled up along the island’s edge.island


Eagles Landing

I crossed over and paddled up along the shoreline to this area I call Eagles Landing. I looked but no eagles were up in the trees today.river3


Headed down river

I sat in my boat in that spot for a bit then turned my boat down river and headed back towards Penny Island just up ahead with Jenner in the background.jenner


I paddled into this little channel on the upper end of the island and sat around for a bit before continuing on.chan


Headed to the river’s mouth area

I’m crossing over the river and headed down to the mouth area down there.river4


Lots of critters

There were lots of birds and harbor seals on the sandy beach by the mouth.critters


Lots of birds flying around too.birds


Open mouth

The mouth was wide open and it was low tide looking out into the ocean here.mouth


One last look and I left the area.ocean


Nice and more nice

This spot is not far from the mouth. I sat here for a bit as the day was nice and the weather guys were right about the wind which was also nice.spot


Looking west the sun was on it’s way down.sky2


Headed for the ramp

I’m headed back in first to the island and then to the boat ramp about a half mile or so.jen



As I got close to the boat ramp this Zodiac pulled in before me and the truck pulled up too. Oh, oh, police. I don’t see them down this way much.ramp


They left the boat there and left so I pulled in and loaded my boat on the car and was on my way home shortly.

Nice winter day

There wasn’t too much daylight left when I got home. I checked on the chickens and went on in the house for a nap and that was my day for a real nice one.

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