Transplanting the Last of the Raspberry Plants to the Raspberry Patch

Thursday January 23, 2020 Guerneville CA.


I need to get some mechanicing done on my van but it was overcast and I just couldn’t get into it. Being overcast and cool I thought something heat generating should be a good project so I got the tools out and dug up some more of the raspberry plants from here to  move to the raspberry patch across the yard.

Digging up

I only had a few plants here to dig up so I did.digvines


And I dug the rest of the plants out of this spot and got them ready to transport to the other site.vinehaul


Chickens snuck in

While I was working in there a couple chickens snuck in so I opened things up so they all could get some nice greens and so I let them at it.chickens


Raspberry patch

I moved the berry plants to the raspberry patch here and started planting the vines.patch


I got most of the vines planted but still had a few to plant somewhere else when I get a change as now I was beat and had done enough work. I didn’t plan to work in here all day but it turned out it took that long to get the plants in the ground with a lot of breaks included of course.

Raspberry patch planting done

So now there’s a lot more berry vines in the patch hopefully to grow more berries this summer.vinepatch


I was hoping to get a dirt bike ride in before the day’s end but it cooled down before I got it done so I went on in and that was my day working in the garden.

Nice day, I got a bit of exercise and will soon have a lot of berries in several months. Yummy.

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