Almost Stopped By a Mud Hole and Marty Breaks Down In Alturas

Thursday June 15, 2023 Modoc National Forest CA.

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Headed to town

We were headed to Alturas to fuel and resupply, but first we had to cross over the mountain range at a lower level than the snow was, so we went south a bit to cross over the lower country.

This is how the road we were taking looked near the start.corral1


There were a few wet spots but we were making it ok.road2


The road got rougher as we went.road4


This was a nice stretch of road, we made good time on it.road6



There were a number of gates to keep the cows were they wanted them. I opened them and Marty closed them.gate6


Mud, mud, mud

Then it happened, we came upon this. We weren’t sure we could make it though without getting stuck. We got out and studied the situation, first deciding to turn around and after looking at it some more, we decided we could make it. We went one at a time so the other guy could pull the other van out if it got stuck.mud7


Let’s do it

I went first and charged on through, keeping  my speed up and I made it. Marty made it too, although he ran into the mud ditch. Now we hope there are no more worse ones up ahead.raod8


We went by this little lake, where the road was a bit wet, but not too bad.lake9



We had to stop and have a look at this mower out in the middle of nowhere. It looked like it hadn’t been used in awhile.moxer10


The road finally got better. We can see a cabin up ahead where we will stop for a break.cabin12


Posting my blogs

We had cell phone signal so we had internet, so we stopped for a good break so I could post my blogs.vans13


Then we continued on the road, headed to Highway 395 and on up to Alturas.road14


Alturas CA.

We made it to Alturas and headed to a gas station to fuel up. I fueled up, but Marty was having a problem with gas leaking out his filler pipe hose when he tried to put gas in the tank.

He got out his tools and tried to tighten up a clamp, but that didn’t work so he couldn’t get gas.

Napa Auto Parts

We drove over to a parts place to get parts and he worked on it in the parking lot. I sat and watched him for two and a half hours while he tried to get the new piece of rubber hose attached, but failed. Lots of cussing going on. :O)fising14


Had enough

I finally figured he’d had enough and the parts store was going to close in a half hour.

I said I had the same problem on my van awhile back and couldn’t get the rubber hose on, so I got my hack saw and cut the metal fill pipe shorter and got a longer rubber hose and was able to make it work.

He’s ready to lesson now

He’d worked on it long enough and cussed a lot, so was ready to try something different. He just had time to get the longer hose before the parts place closed.

A little hack sawing and it all went to gather in about a half hour and we were good. He went over to gas up and all was good.

We’d already shopped for food, so headed on off to the woods and pulled into the first dirt side road we could find, which was about fifteen miles from town. Good enough, camp for the night.

Nice day.

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