An Overlook, A Muddy Boat Ramp and the Old Well Pump Got Installed

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Guerneville CA.

The wind was up

When I checked with the weather guy this morning he said it was going to be a little windy today, but not too bad.

Headed for the overlook

I headed on down to Jenner where I found the river white capping, so I drove on down to the overlook at the river’s mouth to have a look.

This was my view of the open river’s mouth as it dumped into the Pacific ocean.ocean


I could see some harbor seals doing something in the middle of the open mouth. They were there the whole time I was watching and even when I left, but I couldn’t make out what they were up to.seals3


This was the view looking back up the river to Penny Island which you can see.overlook


And looking south. That’s Goat rock out there.south


There were several pods of harbor seals resting on the sandy beaches.seals


And another bunch of harbor seals.seals2


I decided not to kayak Jenner today, mostly as I was thinking I didn’t want to get my back rash itching like I did yesterday, which was a bit much, so I’d like to avoid that.

I decided to drive back to Monte Rio and maybe put in there.

Steelhead fishing report

I had Michel ask what;a going on with the steelhead fishing right now on the river. Well, I can only say what I see on the lower river. I don’t see hardly anyone doing any serious steelhead fishing in the lower river area right now. It’s late in the season and there is likely a few fish still coming into the river to spawn and of course there are spawned steelhead returning to the ocean, but most steelhead fishermen don’t want an old fish.  But not  really enough fish to fish for.

Shad should be coming into the river, but I haven’t talked with any fishermen to find out if they are yet?

Shoveling the boat ramp

When I arrived at the boat ramp, I could see it could use some shoveling off, so I decided to work on that for a bit. Shoveling that was enough to wear me out and get my back to itching some, so I decided not to put my kayak in and give  my back somewhat of a rest today.

The mud on the ramp wasn’t too bad as it was starting to harden up, but I shoveled a trail down to the water just the same as it makes it much nicer.rioramp


Installing the old well pump

After doing that, I went on home and got the stuff together to put my brother’s pump in the well and hook it up to see if the old well still would work.

I set it all up to do the job.well


I made this board with the slot to catch the pipe coupler to keep the whole thing from dropping into the well so I could hook the next section on.board


The well is fifty feet deep, so I fed the pipe and wires in  the hole until I was able to install the top cap and discharge pipes.welltop


Testing it all out

I wasn’t sure what this old well would do so I just hooked everything up temporarily and turned it on. Lots of water came out of the pipe, so it looks good. I ran the pump for about a half hour just letting the water shoot out and clean some of the old water out of the well. It ran the whole time without any problems.

I picked up my tools and went on home for the day and that was about it for me.

Nice day.

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  1. Thanks Bob. River looks clear too. The Shad schools are great to see when the river is in that shape.

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