Another day in Oregon’s rain

One thing I noticed in my old van was a lot of condensation on the inside walls. I expected this and was hoping the vinyl I glued on the walls would slow this down a bit. I think it might have made it even worse. I should of built in a water collector, so I could collect drinking water every night, but I didn’t. I’m thinking I’m going to have to do something about this damp problem or my clothes and food is going to get wet and moldy. I’m thinking the easiest way out of this mess is to put one eighth inch thick wood panels on all the metal walls to keep my stuff away from the moisture and maybe slow it down some? That will be a good project for when I get home and before my next trip.

I also realized the column gear shift lever can  be made a bit higher so it will clear my right leg a bit better. I already did this once, but see I can get a couple more inches, so that is also on the list.

My four inch thick foam mattress needs a bit trimmed off the side as it fits too tight against the sides now and is hard to roll up and also make the bed. The place I bought it should do the trimming, I hope for free.

Otherwise, the van is working out real well, keeping  me warm and dry in this real damp weather here in Oregon.

Hopefully this storm will pass tonight and I can get to some yakking. Today, I tried to do the Sixes River near the mouth, but it was very fast and the wind was also blowing in the same direction the water was flowing, which made it even flow faster, so I decided to do some exploring around the coast line. I found several coastal type lakes, sorta marshy that looked like I might yak them. One of them, on the North end of Port Orford looked particularly good, but it started to rain heavy just as I got there. Next time. I also found a nice spot to get to the ocean beach just north of where we are staying, Arizona Beach lodge. The tide was out and a lot of tidal type pools were showing, which made me think of calming and poke poling. Don’t have an Oregon license though.

Of special mention today, was Rena sent me off this morning with a smoked salmon and bagel sandwich this morning, which  was terribly good and when I got back home he had a whole thanksgiving dinner for me from the nice people up the coast, Linda and Ron, two real nice people I just met up the coast.

All in all, a great day.

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